Awesome Day in Indianapolis

Posted by on August 11, 2017

We haven’t been doing a whole lot the last few days…just kinda hanging out.

Prepping for the toilet replumbing job. This piece will go under the floor (from the basement) and the toilet will be bolted through the floor and into it to provide more stability for the toilet

Michael has a couple of bigger projects coming up (Installing the Anderson valve, replumbing the toilet & installing the new grey water tank) and has been either picking up parts at local businesses or ordering online.  One of the projects required some ABS pipe (which has almost proved to be nonexistent in this area…he was finally able to order some from Grainger and had it delivered to the store in Indianapolis. What a pain.

We tried having another fire one evening but the wood just didn’t seem to want to cooperate.  Michael started with his normal kindling which caught on quickly and once he added some wood it burned nicely…for a couple of minutes and then died down.  Michael fiddled with the wooded and fanned the fire and it took off nicely again…only to burn down shortly after.  He repeated this process several times and we finally decided to give up…it was still fairly warm out and didn’t warrant overworking.  So in the house we went!

Tuesday we did our normal ‘movie of the week’…this we we went with ‘Kidnap‘ with Halle Berry.  It was only rated 6.0 on IMDB but there wasn’t another good option.  I told someone else that it was in no way a blockbuster but it certainly kept us engaged the entire time.  There were a few things we would have changed but in the ended we both enjoyed it.

There is a large outlet mall here in Edinburgh (just about 6.5 miles from home) and Michael needed some new shoes so we decided to see what we could find at the mall.  We wandered through Skechers, Nike, Clarks, Famous Footwear, Adidas and several other non-shoe stores in search.

Michael ended up finding two pairs of shoes (one casual and one athletic pair) as they were buy one get one 1/2 price.  After paying we were on the way to the door and stumbled upon some tennis shoes without backs on them that would work great for gate guarding as we find it easiest to have slip on shoes at the ready by the door.  We both ended up with a pair and now we’re all set!

Set the tortilla in the bottom (or pancake batter, egg for an omelet, waffle, etc)

A while back I purchased a Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker and it came with a Burrito Maker. I loved the sandwich maker so much that I was excited to try the burrito maker but I never got around to it until just recently.  (The burrito maker is ridiculously cheap on Amazon ($13.49!) currently that if you’re mildly interested..(Zack!) I’d suggest you purchase one as that almost seems like a closeout price!)

Put a scrambled egg and whatever goodies (peppers and crumbled sausage this time) in the top.

I watched a video on YouTube and was surprised to find out that you can make a lot more with it than just breakfast burritos…crepes, pancake sandwiches, small pizza’s, etc.

However, I started out small and just made us each a breakfast burrito…green & red pepper, crumbled sausage, egg and cheese.  They turned out quite good although I have a little bit of a learning curve to get past before I’ll make my final decision as to whether I love it as much as it’s cousin the Breakfast Sandwich Maker.

Thursday we ventured into Indianapolis for some touristy stuff, the first of which was the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum.  Neither of us are big racing fans so we didn’t really know what to expect or if we’d even enjoy the visit.

Standing on hallowed ground, for some

We ended up taking the ‘Kiss the Bricks Tour’ which took us on a trip around the oval in a tram at speeds nearing 15 mph!  We made a stop at the finish line so that people could ‘kiss the bricks’ or just use the time for a photo opportunity, which we did.

The first and recent winners of the Indy 500…can you tell which is which??

The museum was interesting to wander around, looking at all cars on display.  Incredible to see the changes over the years…especially from the first car to win the 500 in 1911 to the car that won in 2016.   Some of the drivers names were familiar to us (Unser, Foyt…etc) but many were not…like I said…we’re not race fans.

Mikey the Racer

There is an Indy car on display that is set up so that fans can get in and see what it feels to sit in one of these cars.  Michael, of course, took his turn…he’s my guinea pig for all those kinds of things!  He got in just fine and I got my pictures…but getting out…LOL…that was another thing!  After a big of a struggle he finally made it but not without my doing a bit of giggling!

Yanina, Autumn and Isabelle.

It worked out that we were able to meet one of Michael’s former co-workers from his time at HHC 926th Engineer Brigade in Montgomery, Alabama.  Yanina was an AGR soldier at that time too, but she was an E5 and is now a Warrant Officer…impressive!  She is now a stay at home mom and Army Reservist.  She is recently remarried with nine month old twin daughters to keep her busy.  She also has an 11-year-old daughter and a 9-year-old son from a former marriage that also keep her running.

We met for lunch at Big Woods Speedway location which was just a mile or so from the museum so it worked out great!  Yanina brought the twins with and we had a wonderful time catching up with her and her new life and admiring the twins (Isabelle and Autumn).

Food was absolutely delicious!  Michael ordered a pulled pork sandwich & fries which he really enjoyed.  I went with the knife and fork bleu cheese salad with chicken.  It was SO good!

Eventually after about 2 hours we had to let Yanina take the babies home for a nap and we headed to our next destination.  Our destination was just  few miles from the restaurant and a Roadside America find.


‘Lonehenge’ was inspired by the Cadillac Ranch in Texas but rather than several Cadillacs standing on end there is just ONE bright yellow Pontiac Bonneville planted nose up in the middle of this quiet little neighborhood.

The lot on which the car sits originally had a condemned home on it but in 2015 the lot was turned into a small park with a picnic table and, of course, a big yellow car standing on end!

We made a stop at Grainger (just a few miles down the road too!) to pick up the ABS pipe that Michael had ordered for the toilet project.  With that being the last piece of hardware needed, in hand, Michael can now start one of his projects!  Hooray!

The center of Obelisk Square

We had some time to waste before our evening plans so we ended up downtown at the War Memorial District.  We walked several blocks checking out a couple of fountains in the area but the highlight was the War Memorial itself.  A beautiful building on the outside that house a museum (among other things) on the inside.

The Indiana War Memorial

We spent about an hour roaming the museum but could have spent more time as it is really nicely put together. While the museum honors those from Indiana who served, even if you’re not from Indiana you’ll find it interesting and worth a stop.

That evening we had tickets at Beef & Boards a dinner theater on the north side of Indianapolis.   The play was ‘Ring of Fire’ the story of Johnny Cash.  We’d seen and enjoyed the movie so we were looking forward to the play.

The buffet was removed and the stage rolled into place

Dinner was a buffet served from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm.  The buffet was very well done…probably the best we’ve ever had at a dinner theater.  A very nice salad bar accompanied broccoli casserole, honeyed carrots, baby potatoes, cooked cabbage, fiery red fish, bbq chicken and carved roast beef.  Everything was very good and we really enjoyed it.

Jim and Joanie…great dinner companions!

Our table mates were Jim and Joanie, who live just north of Indianapolis and come to the theater often with their church group.  They couldn’t make it to the performance the group went to and had to reschedule and luckily we were seated together.  Such a nice couple.  We really enjoyed our conversations over dinner with them.  Joanie and I even exchanged FB info!

Arlene and Janice – So nice to get to know both of them!

Before the show started we even got a chance to chat with Janice and Arlene who were sitting at the table behind us. Janice overhead us saying that we were fulltime RVers and since she is considering the lifestyle, as well, she was interested to hear our thoughts.  We exchanged FB info too!

The show started at 8:00 pm and featured some really talented singers and musicians.  The three women in the show really had some beautiful voices…the guys not so much.  Most of the ‘players’ played at least 3 different instruments.  We both really enjoyed the show and it turned out to be a great night out.

The show finished about 10:15 pm and we had a little more than an hour drive due south on I-65.  Traffic was really light so we made good time and arrived home about 11:20 pm.  We were tired but not exhausted as it had been a really awesome day filled with old friends and new friends!  Can’t ask for much more.

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  1. Janice Gilmore

    It was great getting to meet you guys too! I was so glad I overheard you talking about being full time RVers. I’m excited to begin a new stage in my life. Another interesting tidbit for you, the General that heads the War Memorial is actually our neighbor! Small world, huh?

    • Kelly

      Holy cow! You’re just full of information…first your sister and now your neighbor! LOL Let’s see what information you can provide us after this Friday’s venture back to Indianapolis!

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