Rocking Chairs, Graves & Helicopters

Posted by on August 5, 2017

Thursday 8/3

I had a couple of some small sight-seeing adventures planned for today and we needed to run a couple of errands so we left the house about 10:30 am.

Our first stop was just a short drive from Camp Atterbury, where we’re staying at the FamCamp.  Camp Atterbury was built in 1942 as a training camp but soon after became a POW camp, holding soldiers from both Mussolini’s Army and Hitlers.

Chapel in the Meadow

1943 the Italian (they were here before the Germans) soldiers asked and received permission to build a Catholic Chapel.  They weren’t allowed to use ‘good’ materials but used scraps to build the small 11×16 foot chapel.  An US Army Chaplain held services on Sundays.

Over the years the tiny chapel fell into disrepair but in the 1990s Historical Society helped to restore it.  It sits in a pretty little meadow across from a small fishing pond, hence the name ‘Chapel in the Meadow‘.

The next stop was also nearby…the Camp Atterbury Welcome Center/Museum.  The museum is small, covering the building of Camp Atterbury, WWII, POWs, unit history and the current Camp Atterbury.  While the museum is small and fills just one room I was really impressed by the amount of memorabilia packed into that one room.

Pew from the Pisgah Church…such history!

My favorite piece of information was about a church pew from the Pisgah Church that was on display. When camp Atterbury was built all of the homes, buildings and even churches had to be removed to make way for the new military facility.  The Pisgah Church was one of those buildings.

When it’s sister church, down the road, heard that the church was to be destroyed they asked to be able to remove the pews.  They were told no, that the church and its contents were to be destroyed on Saturday.   Saturday came and the men of the sister church arrived with two trucks and began loading the pews onto the trucks.  As they were finishing an Army Captain approached them and said that he needed to secure the area because it was to be destroyed at 2 pm.  The men said they needed to be on their way, as well.

The pews were used at the Trafalgar Methodist Church for over 50 years.

Oh my…I dream of these nachos! Add a little sour cream and guac…ohhhh…sinful!

By the time we finished at the museum Michael was talking ‘hunger’ so I navigated him to a place I’d read about, El Jefe, which is located in Edinburgh and is less than five miles from home.  Yelp had it rating pretty highly and it had been a while since we’d had Mexican so I thought it was a good time to give it a whirl.

Wow!  Were we glad we gave it a whirl!  Michael had 2 enchiladas with rice and beans (one of the days specials) while I went with steak nachos that were served with onions, tomatoes and green pepper.  We shared a side of sour cream and a side of guacamole.   Everything was delicious!  I’d even venture to say that they were the best nachos I’ve ever had.  Oh my.  Can’t wait to go back!

After lunch we got our errands out of the way…Menards for a few items Michael needed for ‘coach improvement projects’ and a few items that just happened to fall into our cart.

Then it was a quick stop at Walmart to pick up a few groceries to last us until we go grocery shopping next week – milk, butter, fruit…that kind of thing.

Now I just have to find this man and his home again! His cucumbers were delicious!

Oh!  I almost forgot!  As we were leaving Edinburgh, heading toward Columbus for our errands I noticed an older gentleman sitting on his front porch with a sign advertising fresh garden veggies (squash, tomatoes, cucumbers).  I had Michael stop and we picked out some cucumbers (I have to go back!), a few tomatoes and a squash.  There is nothing like fresh garden vegetables!

There is a pool here on post and it’s right across the street from the FamCamp!  How convenient.  We decided to stop and check it out quickly…you know…find out the hours…who was allowed to use it..that kinda thing.  The lifeguard was very friendly and answered all of my questions.  The one bad thing is is that it will most likely be closing soon as all of the lifeguards are college students and have to go back to school…so we better get our fill NOW!

Time to get rid of the bugs!

Back home we hung out outside.  I got a call from our friend, Jay, and we discussed rally stuff, travel plans and a bunch of other stuff.  While I did that, Michael was working on getting the ‘Love Bugs’ off of the front of the coach.  The sooner you get them off after traveling…the easier.

Friday 8/4

We continued with our weekly movie.  This time we drove north about 13 miles to the Canary Creek Cinema in Franklin to see ‘The Dark Tower’.   The theater is an old one that has had some updating.  They even have a drive in theater in the parking lot…strange.  But for $6.50 (military matinée price) we can deal with the ‘older’ theater.

I was a bit leery of the movie as reviews I’d read were not glowing.  However, we both enjoyed it and that’s all that really matters.  It’s based on a Stephen King book so obviously it’s gonna be ‘different’.  So if you like Stephen King…give it a try.

On our way back to Edinburgh we made a couple of brief sight-seeing stops, both of which I found by using Roadside America. (LOVE that website!)

Ok…so here’s my best attempt at a picture of US with the rocking chair!

The World’s Largest Rocking Chair (there are lots of claims for this) also known as Big John is located at a furniture store (how appropriate!?).  The store originally had a large set of drawers as well…but the drawers and the store burned down several years ago, leaving just the rocking chair.  The store has been rebuilt and the chair is still ‘just a rockin’.

I tried taking a ‘timer’ picture of the two of us in front of the chair and after a couple of attempts thought that I got one…not.  So you get one of just Michael and the chair.

Our second Roadside America stop was about 3 miles from the first.  The Grave in the Middle of the Road is literally in the MIDDLE of the road.  This area was once a cemetery.  Nancy Kerlin Barnett died in 1831 and was buried on a hilltop that eventually became a cemetery.

SMACK in the middle of the road…I wan’t kidding!

In 1905, a county road was planned to be built…right through Nancy’s grave.  Her family refused to have her body moved.  In fact, her grandson met workers with a shot gun in order to protect her grave. Eventually, the road was built but Nancy grave was left in tact…the road splitting around her grave.

In 1912, a concrete slab was placed over the top of the grave to protect it.

May she (they?) rest in peace!

In 2016, due to accidents and damage to the grave it was decided to widen the road.  In order to do that, they exhumed Nancy’s remains and discovered a the remains of 7 bodies!  The thought is that not just Nancy’s remains were saved from being moved that day way back in 1905…but several other family members as well.

In the end, the road was widened, the mound was leveled and Nancy and her ‘neighbors’ were placed in coffins and buried deeper.  A concrete slab was placed on top and a plaque with Nancy’s birth and death dates was embedded in the concrete.  Click HERE to read an interesting article about Nancy’s exhumation.

A few of the helicopters that we could see

Back on post we did a little more scouting.  Camp Atterbury is a National Guard post now and not very big at all.  Although we have heard (and seen) frequent helicopters overhead.  Today we found their home!  In two separate fields (one with round hay bales!) there were a total of about 13 helicopters parked.  Ten or so of them were Blackhawks while the remainder were Kiowas.  A least we thought they were Kiowas…but learned that the Kiowas were retired in January of this year.  Perhaps the National Guard is using old equipment…wouldn’t surprise me. (After doing some research Michael now thinks they are Lakota’s)

Lets hope there are LOTS more fires while we are here!

It was a gorgeous day with the highs only in the mid 70s.  Michael was bound and determined to have a fire (even though it was pretty windy) so he chopped up some kindling and got a fire going.

The wind made the smoke almost unbearable at times but after a while the smoke calmed a wee bit.  The heat from the fire felt great when the temp dipped down to the mid 60s.  I grabbed my Kindle and hunkered down to read for a while before we headed inside for the night.  I nice way to end the day.


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