Travel Day: Urbana, IL To Camp Atterbury, IN

Posted by on August 1, 2017

Had a nice quiet night…a little warmer than we care for (no ac) but it wasn’t bad.  I was up at 7:15 and woke Michael at 8:15 (he’d taken a muscle relaxer the night before).  I wanted him to have time to wake up a bit before we headed out the door.

We walked across the parking lot about 9:15 to grab some breakfast before we hit the road for our last 158 miles of this journey.  Breakfast was very good.  We asked for crispy bacon, which we got and I asked for over easy eggs…and they were perfect.  Plus our server was very friendly.


As we walked back to the coach a camper pulled in and went to park in the RV spots but there was a delivery truck sorta blocking the way.

The camper proceeded to squeeze behind the truck and was close to hitting the truck.  Michael stopped the camper and guided him safely into the spot.  Disaster averted!
We pulled out of our overnight campsite at 10:19 am with 158 miles to go…and the GPS giving us an ETA of 2 hours and 26 minutes.  We had a uneventful trip…I can’t say smooth as I74 is pretty crappy.

Rest time…

With just over an hour left to travel Michael pulled into a rest area…those darn diuretics!  Nice rest area with green grass, trees and picnic tables.  I was able to pick up several area brochures to browse through to find some adventures while in the area.

Right before we stopped at the rest area we passed a Landmark with our same paint job being pulled by a red truck.  We wondered if it could be our friends Gus and Debra who we knew we’re in the road today after leaving Wright-Patterson.
I messaged Gus on his Facebook wall asking if it was them. Before he saw my message he messaged me and asked if it was us!  LOL. The really sad thing is is we’ve been Facebook friends for several years but have not yet met in person!  We plan to rectify that in September at the Oklahoma rally!!

Home for the month

We arrived at the FamCamp about 2:15 pm (est) and were sent to site 4 by the camp host.  We got backed into our site, taking extra care as we are here for the month.

We got semi set up and turned the AC on full blast (86 inside!) And then went over to the housing office to pay for our site ($350) and get checked in.  We were given a key to the clubhouse which also  the and a bathroom.  However, their system was down so we weren’t able to pay today…we’ll have to check back another time.

Sweet campfire wood…not so much on the nasty butts!

Our site also comes with cable and free firewood.  Let’s hope it cools down a little so that we can enjoy a couple of fires while we’re here.  Unfortunately, the fire pit has a TON of cigarette butts in it…nasty!

I did get the laundry sorted and a load started before we left to go pay for our site. With no sewer at our last location the laundry was starting to pile up.

Home Sweet Home – with the Trail Runner behind us and the Big Country on the right

Once again, we have a mini Heartland rally going on.  On our off-door side there is a Big Country.  Right behind us is a Trail Runner and on the other side of them there’s a Big Horn.  Hopefully we’ll get a chance to meet the owners at some point.

I whipped together and easy dinner (leftover brats & hot dogs, potato salad, jello, baked beans and corn on the cob) and we watched several episodes of Sons of Anarchy before calling it a day.

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