Travel Day: Rhinelander, WI To Urbana, IL

Posted by on July 31, 2017

With a long day ahead of us I was up at 5:30 am so that I could get a little quiet time before we needed to get moving.  However, Michael was up about 30 minutes later…so much for my ‘quiet me time’.  LOL

Not much work to do this morning as Michael dumped last night.  He combined our sewer hose with the neighbors and made a 55 foot hose to reach the dump station since we’re right across the street from the dump station and were in the site so funky it would have been a real pain to try and maneuver the truck and coach over over there when we pulled out.

So with that out of the way it was just a matter of unhooking the power (water was disconnected yesterday) and hitching up!

After doing a pull test and a light test, dropping off the garbage and setting the GPS we pulled out of the campground at 7:09 am.

Nice and peaceful at 7:30 am

We we’re headed south on US 51 20 minutes later.  While the road itself isn’t exactly smooth, traffic was light and flowed easily.

We passed by Wausau just after 8:00 am and while traffic picked up a tiny wasn’t really anything to worry about.

My Zen moment for the day

We made a quick stop to use the restroom and I couldn’t help but take a picture of the hayfield across the road. I don’t know what it is about those round bales littering the feel but it gives me a sense of peace and nostalgia.

We made another stop at the Mousehouse Cheese House.  We’ve driven by the place for YEARS!  This time we decided to stop since we were making REALLY good time.  It was a good excuse to stock up.
We sampled several kinds of cheese and ended up with 4 blocks to enjoy (Colby, medium cheddar, sublime lime and french onion soup) and one cheese spread (aged asiagio).
We had hoped to be able to meet Michael’s niece, Crystal, for lunch as we passed by Rockford, Illinois but it didn’t work out for Crystal so we’ll have to try again the next time we pass by.

Chillin’ with the big boys while we enjoyed lunch at Culvers

We stopped for lunch at Culver’s, just south of Rockford.  Gotta get the last of our Wisconsin treats before we get too far away!!  We ended up parking 2 businesses down from the restaurant, at a Pilot as there was more RV friendly parking and then just walked over.

We ended up chilling at Culver’s for close to 2 hours so we didn’t arrive at today’s destination too early.  No biggie as we enjoyed some people watching, surfing the internet and of course our lunch.
We had originally planned to stop in Bloomington for the night but when we realized how early we’d arrive we pushed our destination out a little further to Urbana, which just gives us that much less to drive tomorrow.  So our originally long travel day of 381 miles turned out to be an even longer 433 miles.
We made one last stop (just south of Bloomington) to fill both tanks with fuel. Would have preferred diesel to be a bit cheaper than the $2.39 per gallon that we paid….but you don’t always get what you want.  Now we’re good to go for tomorrow’s journey.

Cracker Barrel, Urbana, IL – site 1

We arrived at our destination, the Urbana, Illinois Cracker Barrel about 5:15 pm.  I’d called ahead to ensure that it was ok to stay in there parking lot overnight and was assured that it was totally fine.   The RV parking spots weren’t quite long enough for us so we parked way in the back over several parking spots.

We got situated and then went inside to crank up the generator and get the air conditioners running so that they could cool off the inside of the coach so that we (hopefully) wouldn’t have to run it too much throughout the night.
We chilled for about an hour before we headed over to the restaurant for dinner.  We both ordered their ‘smaller’ plates since we’d had a bigger than we’re used to lunch.  Chopped steak for Michael and chicken and dumplings for me.  Both were very tasty and the smaller portion was just the right size.
After our long walk back home (LOL!) we cranked up the genny again to let the ac’s do their magic and then watched an episode of Son’s of Anarchy before calling it a night.

2 Responses to Travel Day: Rhinelander, WI To Urbana, IL

  1. Janice Gilmore

    That is so funny that you spent the night at that Cracker Barrel, my sister works there! She works the early morning shift as cashier so you might not have met her unless you ate breakfast there too. What a small world we live in!

    • Kelly

      Your sister works at the Urbanna, IL Cracker Barrel?? Now, way! And we did eat breakfast before we left! Trying to think what the cashier looked like….hmmmm

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