Fabulous End to Our Week in the Wisconsin Northwoods

Posted by on July 30, 2017

Saturday 7/29 & Sunday 7/30

I had an 8:30 am breakfast date with 8 other ladies…4 of whom are very near and dear to my heart (my sister Vicki, nieces Tara & Nikki and my almost niece Sheila)!  We met at the Rhinelander Pub and Cafe to celebrate my niece, Nikki!

The girls!

Today after 3757 days of wedded bliss she and her husband, Joel are finally having the wedding reception they never had.  They got married in Vegas and always said that some day they’d have a reception…and today is that day.

So this morning she gathered her closest friends, mom, sister and step-daughter (I was blessed to be able to tag along!) to enjoy breakfast and go over some last minute details.  I had such a good time!  We laughed so much and so hard sharing stories about strip clubs, age, having babies, etc.  I don’t often get together with a bunch of women but this was definitely good for my soul!

Nikki and her entourage went on to get their nails and/or hair done while Vicki and I hung out for just a few minutes until Michael came to pick me up after having gotten an oil change in the truck.

We stopped at Trig’s grocery store for some groceries for a get-together we’re having here tomorrow and then made our way back home where we had some chores waiting for us.

Peking with the WI Barnett’s

While I was at breakfast I got a message from our son, Dan, asking if we wanted to meet them at Peking when they arrive in town (they drove up from Madison).  THAT’s how good the place is…they saw that we were there the other day and they just couldn’t pass it up!  It’s TRADITION!  Well…anyone that knows me, knows that I’m not about to turn down Chinese…much less at Peking!  LOL

Peking closes from 2 pm until 4 pm so Dan and Amanda really had to make some good time in order to make it to town before they closed. They made it by 1:30 pm and we were able to get a table no problem.

My chicken chow mein was SO good the other day I almost ordered it again…but made myself go with Pepperada Chicken…another of my favorites.  It, too, was just as yummy as ever.

2ps with the Hodag

After lunch we made a stop to visit the Hodag (Rhinelander’s mascot) as I thought it was something the kids would really enjoy…especially Bennie!  We took pictures with the Hodag and them headed over to Dan and Amanda’s hotel so that we could all get changed and ready for Nikki & Joel’s Shindig.

The Shindig started at 3:30 pm and we arrived just before that.  The party was held at the Rosewood Barn…and wow did Nikki (& crew) do a great job of decorating!  Nikki and Joel made their grand entrance shortly after we arrived.

Best Buds growing up! Jay, Vicki, me & Joel

While we had quite a bit of family there we also knew a lot of folks from Joel’s side of the family too!  Vicki and I have known Joel’s family since I was about 7 years old.  So it was great seeing all of them too.

Me and my big brother, John.

My oldest brother, John was there so we got to spend some time with him.  Vicki’s son, Robbie, his girlfriend, Sarah were there and we haven’t seen him in a LONG time and not yet met her.

How gorgeous are my great nieces, Tia & Tori??

Of course, several of my nieces and quite a few great nieces and nephews were there too.  Lots and lots of hugs, handshakes, laughs, ‘oh my gosh’s’ and memories filled the afternoon.

Nephew Robbie & his gal Sarah





Beauty & the Beast? Niece Tara and our son Dan




Audrey, Dawn and Michael





Miss Sassy (AKA niece Tori) complained that her beau made the blog before she did…so now she’s made it TWICE…and flippin’ me off too boot!




Even the babies had a GOOD time!






…and the SPECIAL couple Nikki & Joel. Congratulations on 3757 days of marriage!!

Nikki & Joel put on one heck of a show!  Appetizers, water bottles with their name and the date of the party on them, can coozies, sunflower seeds to plant and watch grow, a sit down dinner, goodie bags for any kids there, a comedian, a jitterbug dance lesson, a band, snacks in the middle of the evening, lawn games…it was almost endless.  We really had a GOOD time!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas was required reading before lights out!

We left the party about 9:30 pm and left Dan and Amanda at the party and brought all three babies home with us for the night.  It gave Dan and Amanda time to be ‘Dan and Amanda’ rather than just ‘Mama & Dada’…and to chill with their cousins.  Plus it gave Nana and Papaw some extra snuggle time with the grandbabies.  Win/Win!

Dan was nice and did the grilling for me…

We had Vicki & Jimi and Dan & Amanda (and of course the grandbabies!) over for lunch on Sunday and we all just kinda chilled as most everyone was still pretty tired from the night before.

Hiding in the shade!

We got the last of our visiting in and traded hugs and handshakes before everyone left around 1:30 or so.  Vicki and Jimi went home to nap while Dan, Amanda and the babies headed back home to Madison.

Michael and I spent the next couple of hours cleaning up the house and stowing items to prepare for the next two days of travel.  Luckily, Michael got the last of his outside chores done, came in the house, sat down and the bottom fell out of the sky!  Had no idea it was even going to rain!

Monday we’ll put on a lot more miles than we normally do on a travel day…380!  But…that makes the next day more manageable.


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