More Visiting and a Movie too!

Posted by on July 28, 2017

Thursday 7/27

Our semi-busy day started out slowly in the morning.  We didn’t have to be anywhere until noon so we just hung out at home getting a few miscellaneous chores done.

We had a noon lunch date with my OLD Walmart co-worker, Linda O.  We met at Peking on her lunch hour…which was reminiscent of the OLD days when we’d go there on our lunch breaks when we worked together in the 90s.

A wonderful lunch with a wonderful woman!

Peking has been in Rhinelander for over 20 years and is one of our ALL time favorite Chinese restaurants. The portion sizes, flavors and price is just right.  Michael, of course, went with his main stay…sweet & sour chicken.  I had a bit tougher time deciding as they have several dishes that I really enjoy but eventually ordered the chicken chow mein and it was just as delicious as ever.

Linda is one of the sweetest and craziest people I know so there is NEVER a shortage of laughing, giggling and snorting when she’s around.  Today was NO different.  At one point she had me laughing so hard tears were streaming down my face.  Michael would probably have been happy to be sitting at a table off by himself by that time but he toughed it out and stuck with us.

We wanted to keep our weekly movie date alive so after lunch we went just down the street to the Rouman Cinema to catch the 1:30 pm showing of ‘The Big Sick’.  Michael wasn’t all to thrilled about seeing this one but with an 8.3 rating on IMDB it was the highest rated of the two movies that were showing that we had any interest in and hadn’t seen yet.

It turned out to be a very good movie and Michael found that he could enjoy a ‘girlie movie’ (his words).  Although, not what I would really call a full blown ‘chic flick’ it’s probably considered a romantic comedy but we both really enjoyed it.  Go see it!

Visiting and relaxing with my little, big sister

The remainder of the afternoon/evening was spent visiting with my sister, Vicki, and her husband, Jimi at their home.  We were there going on 4 hours…doing nothing really other than talking….talking…and talking.  Get Vicki and I together and we seem to be able to talk forever.

Meet Shiloh!

We finally decided we’d better get going and get something to eat.  We stopped downtown at Bucketheads to grab a burger.  My great niece, Tori, tends bar there occasionally and not thinking I asked if she was working (she only works Saturdays and I knew that).

The guy that was tending bar said she wasn’t and we got to talking and come to find out he’s her boyfriend!  I’d heard about Shiloh but hadn’t met him yet so this was a nice surprise!  Nice guy.  We’ll get a chance to spend more time with he and Tori (as well as a bunch of others) on Saturday when we all gather to celebrate my niece, Nikki, and her husband, Joel.

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