Just Like Family

Posted by on July 28, 2017

We spent a nice quiet day at home.  All that visiting makes one tired!  So we rested up so that we’re in tip-top shape for the rest of our visit here in the Wisconsin Northwoods!

We spent a good portion of the day watching Sons of Anarchy, a series I’d heard about for years and thought we might enjoy.  Vicki and Jimi happened to have the entire series on DVD and lent it to us to watch.  We ended up watching 4 episodes over the course of the day.

Woodpecker Bar & Grill

We met Vicki and Jimi at the Woodpecker Bar & Grill for our last Friday Fish Fry for a while.  None of us had ever been but the reviews were pretty good so we decided to give it a try.  We all went with the fried version of the fish (it was that or baked) and then we had a choice of fries, baked potatoes or sweet potato fries. The dinner also came with cole slaw and rye bread.

It looked good…

None of us were excited.  It was ok and edible but the fish was pretty soggy on the bottom, the cole slaw was down right bad, in my opinion.  Michael’s baked potato and Jimi & Vicki’s fries were fine, my sweet potato fries could have been better.  The rye bread was really good.  LOL  Not a place that Michael and I would go back to.

However, we were there over 3 hours, chatting non-stop.  We’re all pretty big TV-holics so we had lots to discuss about shows we watch, shows that have been canceled, or shows that might be coming up for the new season!  LOL

Mic – just like family

On our way to dinner our drive took us past, once again, the farm I spent my summers on when I visited my mom and step dad from Milwaukee.  Luckily, Mickey, was outside again!  This time she was mowing but she recognized our truck right away and turned of the mower and hopped off to chat with us briefly as we were both in a rush to get somewhere.  Even though it was a short visit…I loved it!  Anything is better than nothing!

When we got back to the campground things were in full swing!  All kinds of new campers everywhere!  Lots of the seasonal campers were back for the weekend.  I think we’re kind of ‘snobs’ when it comes to liking our peace, quiet and space at a campground.  And here people are pretty much right on top of each other.  It wasn’t bad during the week but it’s really gotten pretty tight now.

Our neighbors, Noelle and Darlene stopped us when we got home to see if we wanted to share their campfire but we turned ’em down cuz we waned to get some more Sons of Anarchy in.  However, we did chat for quite a while before we headed inside.  Nice ladies.  I friended ’em on Facebook so that we can follow each others travels.  Hopefully, our paths will cross again sometime.



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