A Visit from Retired MSGT St. John

Posted by on July 26, 2017

Wednesday was a day of rest…almost!

It rained most of the morning so we just stayed inside and hibernated.  I did quite a bit of work on a couple of  blog posts I’m working on for Heartland and Michael watched an episode of ‘Alone’ and did some surfing on the internet.

In the afternoon I took time of from blogging and watched a movie while Michael napped beside me.  His back has been starting to act up so I had him take one of his muscle relaxers last night to hopefully get control of the pain before it gets out of hand.   Even though he took the meds last night I think he was still feeling the effects as he slept LONG and HARD!  LOL


Tom St. John, the Unit Administrator for the Army Reserve Unit in Wausau, Wisconsin that Michael was part of from 1991 to 1999 came by in the late afternoon to visit.  In 1999, Michael transferred to the unit in Dodgeville, Wisconsin where he was an Active Guard Reserve soldier.  Tom retired from the US Army in 2004 and then from his civilian job in 2015.  The two haven’t seen haven’t seen each other in about 11  years…when Michael was deployed to Iraq.

I made an easy dinner of Taco Dip and cut up some fresh fruit to go with it.  We enjoyed dinner while the guys reminisced about life in the 397th Engineer Company.  

They chatted for hours…Army this, Army that, remember this commander, that soldier, this incident.  Never a break in the conversation.  It was fun to see them laugh over the memories.  I even remembered many of the names and things they discussed.

They served together in the same unit or battalion in one capacity or another from 1991 until 2009 when Michael was relocated to a unit in Alabama…so yeah…I guess that would give them a lot to talk about!

It was a good visit but Mr. St. John still had to drive back to his home in Merrill so he and Michael walked out to check out his El Camino before he left and that continued to chat for another 15 minutes or so  before they finally parted ways.

After Mr. St. John left, we relaxed for the remainder of the evening…gearing up for a busy day tomorrow!

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