A Day of Visiting and Making Plans to Visit

Posted by on July 26, 2017

Slept great last night thanks to the muscle relaxer.  Shoulder is still sore but feels better than after 200 miles on that bumpy road.

Today was the first day of visits with family and friends.  First on the books was a visit with nieces Tracy & Karrie and their families.  Tracy and her husband Jeremy just built a beautiful home and we were invited there for lunch and a visit.

Our mobile home was right up front in that grassy area…and only the white barn on the left and the yellow machine shed in the back on the right, were there way back when!

The GPS took us the ‘back way’ there which was a really nice drive…at first.  It took us past the farm we lived on when I was a kid and while I was taking a picture, my friend Mickey popped out of nowhere!  We chatted for a short bit as we were running late but it sure was good to see her!

One of our favorite hangouts when I was a kid.

We drove by the bridge and creek that we spent a lot of time at…either just hanging out, swimming or getting into mischief by wiggling the bridge signs out of the ground where they then accidentally fell into the creek.  Sure would like to drain that creek and see how many old signs are down there.

“Uh…this doesn’t look like a road…but more like a path or someone’s driveway.”

The rest of the drive was just as nice…driving by farms of people I knew way back when, bible camps bars etc.  When we turned onto Tracy’s road, from the opposite end that she told us to come from, it was a dirt road (which she had told us) but it was more like a path.  We drove and drove…and eventually came to a paved road crossing the road we’d been on and we could see on the GPS that we could get to the main road by taking it.  Which we did and then we found the ‘right’ end of Tracy’s road.  Turns out that just beyond Tracy’s house the road dead-ended so we wouldn’t have been able to reach it coming the way we did.  Oh well, it was quite the adventure!

L to R: Me, Karrie, Tracy, Jeremy, Dave, Barb & Michael

When we arrived we were surprised to see my brother Dave, the girl’s dad and his girlfriend Barb were there.  We’d not seen Dave for more than 10 years and never met Barb so it was nice to get a chance to visit with them as well.

Me and the girls

Tracy made a taco lunch for everyone and I threw in some strawberry shortcake so we had a nice meal to enjoy while we all go caught up on each other lives. We had a really nice time visiting with everyone but, as usual, the time went really quickly and before we knew it it was time to part ways.  The girls and I took a picture together before we left, which has become a tradition now.

We had time in between our get-togethers to run into town to see a few people.  I worked at Wal-Mart for 7 years before we moved away from Rhinelander in 1999 so we always make a stop there to visit.  Today’s visit was fairly quick though as we were looking for my friend Linda O so that we could firm up some plans to meet for lunch…we decided on Thursday at Peking (one of our favorites!)

Then it was just across the parking lot to Goodwill to see my sister, Vicki.  There we also needed to set some plans up as to when we were going to find some sister time.  Looks like we’ll be seeing each other on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

The second get together of the day was at the Haven with family friends I’ve known since I was about 8 or so.  The farm that we lived on when I was growing up was a dairy farm and my step dad, Al helped feed cows, hay, you name it.  When we first moved a mobile home out there the owners didn’t live there, but built a home not long after and then moved out there too.

We had plans to meet with the kids of the owner.  It feels like I’ve known Scott, Randy and Mickey forever and since it’s a good portion of my life, it pretty much is forever.  Anyway, Scott and his wife Lynn and Mickey couldn’t make it as they’d done some haying earlier in the day and were worn out.  But Randy and his wife Kathie made it and we had a really nice time….as we always do.

Randy & Kathie – Good People!

We met at the Haven and enjoyed some really yummy pizza but what was even better was the conversation.  Randy and Kathie caught us up to date on the old neighborhood…who’s still living there, who’s doing what, who has babies or grandbabies and unfortunately…who’s passed away.

We said our goodbye’s about 8:00 pm and then headed home.  It was still light outside when we got back to the campground so Michael took a ride around the campground.  There are a LOT of seasonal trailers packed in here with a few sites for non-seasonal campers like us.  So far this has been the most convenient campground we’ve found in the area that our coach will fit in so we’ll probably come back in the future.

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