A Quick Visit to Madison

Posted by on July 24, 2017

Thursday 7/20 

A day of errands mostly.  We made several stops for specialty items we can only get in this area and then went over to Dan and Amanda’s house so that we could watch Game of Thrones, love on Erin & Jordie (Dan and Amanda’s kitties) and take a bath (Michael) and shower (me).

While we were out we stopped at Culver’s for lunch.  I hadn’t had a butter burger in several years and was quickly reminded how good they are…right up there with a Whataburger.

Friday 7/21

Grocery delivery right to your front door

We took in our weekly movie at the theater.  This week it was ‘Dunkirk’, which turned out to be very good.  It takes place during WWII and covers the evacuation of allied troops that were trapped beaches of Dunkirk by the Germans.

After the movie we went back over to Dan and Amanda’s house to wait for the delivery of groceries that Amanda had scheduled so that they would have groceries when they got home.

Crazy busy place

For dinner we went to Toby’s Supper Club to try the fish fry that’d we’d heard good things about.  We got there when the dining room opened at 5:00 pm and the parking lot was packed as was the bar/dining room.  We placed our order (the only way to get put on the list for table) and settled in to wait.  Thankfully a bar table opened up not long after our wait started and we snagged it.

After an hour and fifteen minutes of waiting we were led to our table where our salads and a relish tray waited.  We enjoyed our salads, crackers, rolls and the relishes.

Delicious light & flaky cod dinner

Our dinners came out about fifteen minutes after we sat down and we were both very happy with the fish. Light, flaky cod with a thin coat of crispy breading.  Mmmmm…delicious.  I ordered extra crispy fries and they were perfect…nice and crispy on the outside but fluffy on the inside.  Michael’s baked potato was cooked perfectly.  The entire meal was excellent.  We’ll definitely go back…but probably not on a Friday since they serve fish every day.


Saturday 7/23

Alex (and his dad) playing first base

Saturday morning we met Dan’s family at the park so that we could watch Alex play T-Ball.  Lucky Alex had the biggest rooting section of any of the players, I think.  Besides his mom, dad, brother and sister…there was the two of us, his Nana JoJo, Papa Gordy, Titi Ash, Aunt Heather and two cousins. Lucky guy!

This was just their first game and at 5 years old many of the kids didn’t really know what they were supposed to do.  Alex did a great job hitting the ball but wasn’t quite sure what to do after he hit it.  At one point, Dan said to Alex, “As soon as you hit the ball, drop the bat and run to first base”.   To which Alex responded, “Ok, but is that really part of the game?”

In the afternoon Michael and I just hung out in the house as I had some work to do and Michael wanted to watch “Gold Rush:  Parker’s Trail”, a show he’d been trying to find a way to watch for a while.

Big fun in the neighborhood

Dan and Amanda’s neighborhood was having a block party so they and the kids hung out outside playing the bouncy house, going up and down the giant slide, playing in the water and enjoying their time with the neighbors.

We hung out until about 5:00 pm and then headed home but not before making a few stops (propane fill, diesel & DEF fill and to pick up Michael’s hat that he left at the restaurant the night before).

Back home I made a couple of salads and fried up some potatoes to go with a huge ribeye that I cut in two and then put in the air fryer.

Sunday 7/23

We spent the day at Dan and Amanda’s…playing games (Cribbage, Hearts, Kingdom) with the adults and giving hugs and kisses to the babies.  Michael took his last bath (if you know him…you know how much he LOVES his baths) and we did a load of laundry too.

When we got home I tripped coming up the steps and got inside a bit faster than I had planned.  I landed with my shoulder and face hitting the pantry, banged my shin on the top step, tweaked my left pinky and wrist and wounded my pride….although I was quite happy that it was dark outside and nobody other than Michael witnessed my graceful entry!

Nothing major hurt but this morning my shoulder is pretty sore and my darned pinky is quite uncomfortable to type with!  LOL





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