Travel Day: Elkhart, IN To Madison, WI

Posted by on July 19, 2017

We were up shortly after 7:00 am, giving us plenty of time to relax, eat a donut (Rise ‘n Roll…still SO fresh!), make the bed and stow the very few things that were taken out.

Stabilizers won’t move!

We were outside by 8:45 am ready to hitch up the truck and unhook the power.  When Michael went to retract the stabilizer jacks…they wouldn’t budge.  He did some investigating but they just wouldn’t move.  While he was trying to figure out the problem I noticed that the back door side coach tire was flat!  What the heck…they’re brand new with less than 500 miles on them.

Michael tried to put air in the tire and we could hear the air being released almost as fast as it went in and Michael found that the valve steam was leaking.  The place that mounted the tires for us had put the wrong size valve stem on the tires and that was why we had a flat.

Brand new tire…what the heck!!?

When the air was released from the tire that lowered the coach, causing too much pressure on the stabilizer jacks…kinda putting them in a bind so that they refused to work.  Once the pressure was off the stabilizers they retracted just as they should.

Michael removed the flat tire and we took it just down the road to Monteith’s (same company that had mounted them for us…just in Goshen).  We dropped the tire off for them to replace the valve stem and then headed over to Heartland to pick up supplies.

At Heartland Michael got with John and Darrell (two of the bestest guys) and got the parts needed to convert our gravity feed fresh water to the Anderson valve and we were very surprised when Darrell emailed early in the morning to let us know that he also had a grey tank so that Michael can replace the cracked one that is causing the underbelly leak.

We now no the cause of both water leaks, how to fix them AND have the necessary parts to do the job!  Life is Good.

We were at Heartland about 10 minutes and then went back over to Monteith’s to pick up the tire.  They were pretty busy so we had about a 25 minute wait before the tire was ready and we were able to head back to the campground.  They also gave Michael 3 other valve stems so that the others can be replaced as well.

Back at the campground Michael made really quick work of putting the tire back on so that we could get hitched up.  Then we still needed to get to the dump station to dump our tanks before we could hit the road.

The guy behind us at the dump station befriend Michael and they had some ‘guy talk’ while Michael dumped.

The dump station was kitty corner from out site so we didn’t have far to go…but it took us about 2 hours to get there!  LOL  With the tanks emptied, the stabilizers up and all tires in tact we finally pulled out of the Elkhart Campground at 11:33 am….two hours behind our targeted departure time.  That’s what I get for bragging about almost always hitting our target time a couple of days ago!

Construction congestion

We had a fairly easy travel day.  Just 260 miles.  We had a little bit of congestion before leaving Indiana due to construction but it only slowed us down for a few minutes.

We hit I-294 going north skirting around Chicago and traffic flowed very nicely.  There was a lot of traffic…but it moved freely with no congestion, stopping or delays.

Lunch time!

We opted to skip lunch at Kelly’s Kitchen today and stopped at one of the Chicago area Oasis’ to use the bathroom and also get some lunch.  Mikey got some chicken from KFC and got some Chinese from Panda Express.  We enjoyed our lunch sitting over the freeway, watching the traffic whiz by.

Welcome home, Kelly!

We were back on the road roughly an hour later with just 145 miles left to travel.  We arrived at Lake Farm Campground in Madison, Wisconsin at 4:08 pm.  We stopped at the entrance to fill our fresh water tank (no water or sewer at the site) and then made our way to site 18.

Our neighbors…a Sundance, North Trail and a Big Horn. They aren’t familiar with the Owners Club…I’ll be they are by the time we leave!

The site is a back in and our communication skills sucked really badly today so getting backed in and settled took WAY longer than it should have.  But eventually we conquered the communication gap and got the coach parked, unhitched, hooked up to power and the satellite dish set up.

We are here for five nights.  Dan and his family are currently in Utah visiting Zack and his family so we won’t see them until Friday when they fly back home.


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