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Posted by on July 18, 2017

The biggest reason we decided to stop in Elkhart was so that Michael could stop at Heartland and discuss the water leaks we have been experiencing.  He’s found where both (one in the under belly and one in the UDC) water leaks are originating and now needs to figure out how to proceed with fixing them.

So our first stop was at Heartland and Michael spoke with both Darrell and John to see what their thoughts were.

After stopping at Heartland we made a stop at Factory RV Surplus as Michael wanted to see if they had any seals for the basement doors.  He didn’t find any but we did find a whole back room we didn’t even know existed!

Lots of different models!

There were couches, recliners, dining chairs, mattresses, refrigerators, microwaves, moulding, decals…just a plethora of surplus items we had no idea they even carried.  I actually found the exact model microwave/convection oven that is in our coach currently.

Michael had priced just the door as ours is cracked and is taped in place…plus the plate and racks are in pretty icky condition.  He’d priced the door at $100+ alone and these brand new models (they had 4 of them) were $150 each.

Customer Service of the month!

Dusty, the young man who helped us went above and beyond in making sure that it worked and that all the parts were there.  He even exchanged the front panel on one with another unit as Michael found a scratch on the one I’d picked out.  He plugged it in and test the microwave with a cup of water as well as setting the oven to preheat to 350.  Very impressed.

Needless to say, we didn’t bring home any door seals but we did come home with a new microwave/convection oven.  It’s a Frigidaire and I’m sure that it will be just as reliable as the original!

For lunch, we tried a new place on the recommendation of, Phil, one of our RVing friends.  The Cock a Doodle Cafe is a small place with a 4.5 star review.  Phil recommended the cheeseburger and since

Cheeseburger in Elkhart!

Michael is a burger lover that’s what he went with and said it hit the spot…although it didn’t fall into the category of Gonzalez Burgers (Donna, TX), RJ’s Burgers (Kenedy, TX) or Rosa’s Hamburger Stand (Dilley, TX)…but then again those place ONLY do burgers so they should be above the rest.

Hot Turkey Sandwich

I decided to go with a hot turkey sandwich (also known as a Manhattan in these parts).  It’s served with mashed potatoes and gravy.  It wasn’t the best I’ve had but I enjoyed it.  Although the serving size was perfect.  Most of the time it’s so huge there’s no way you can eat it all….this was just the right size.

I’d like to go back and try their breakfast or their all you can eat fish dinners….both of which look really yummy.

Working hard at sawing them logs!

We had a nice quiet afternoon after we got home.  I did a little blog writing, surfed the internet, made plans for next week while we’re in northern Wisconsin and while I did that…Mikey did some wood cutting.

Later afternoon, John, from Heartland stopped by to check out what Michael had found with the basement water leak.  It seems that any time any water gets into the UDC it is getting through some holes that valve handles come through that are used for winterizing and those holes lead into the basement.

John checking out the basement water issue.

They did a bunch of conferring, checking this and that, measuring, etc and finally decided that the best route would be to install an Anderson valve in the UDC and that would prevent any further water leakage when filling the fresh water tank.  

Unfortunately, they wouldn’t be able to get us in to do the work until September sometime but Michael is comfortable doing the job himself.  We’ll stop by the service center on our way out of town tomorrow and get all the parts necessary to do the job.  Hooray!

Microwave install selfie! Ha!

After John left we got busy and removed the old microwave/convection and installed the new unit.  What an easy job…just needed a screwdriver, the two of us to man-handle it and about 20 minutes worth of work.

We even tested it out by heating up some leftovers for dinner and it worked great!  Woohoo!

Tomorrow we continue our trek north…260 miles north to Madison, Wisconsin where we’ll chill for a few days before heading even further north.


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  1. Ray LeTourneau

    Great story! I have to agree with your mention of Gonzalez Market. Now that’s a burger!

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