Travel Day: Dayton, OH To Elkhart, IN

Posted by on July 17, 2017

Our month at Wright-Patterson has come to an end.  We’ve really enjoyed this area and neither of us are sure we’re ready to leave…but, leave we must, as we have a ‘thing’ to attend in northern Wisconsin in a few weeks.

Our oldest son, Zack, and his family will be moving back to Wisconsin in the next few months and he’ll be taking on a medical recruiting position for the US Army in the Madison area.  Since our younger son, Dan, and his family already live in the Madison area we’re pretty excited that they’ll all be in the same area which will make our life a little easier as we won’t have to travel great distances between them anymore.

So with that in mind…I wouldn’t doubt if we’re back in their area again at some point.

We chose to travel to Wisconsin via Elkhart, Indiana as Michael had a couple of things he needed to check on in the Elkhart area.  We’ll stay here two nights so that we can run a few errands tomorrow.

It was just a 224 mile drive and much of it was on quiet country roads…my favorite! We pulled out of our site at 8:47 am beating our 9:00 am goal.  Not very often that we don’t hit (or beat) our targeted departure.

Glued together!

As Michael was putting away the power cord he found a peculiarity.  He’d had to use our 50 amp extension cable as the regular cord didn’t quite reach.  As he tried to pull them apart he couldn’t…try as he might.  He even had me hold one and he the other with both of us tugging…no luck.  He ended up having to use a screw driver to carefully pry them apart.

Looks like they semi-melted together.  The extension cord is a goner…but I think the actual power cord to the coach is fine.

The drive was nice…started out kinda foggy but when that dissipated it was a nice day with the temp hovering around 76 or so the majority of the way.  Much of the drive was a quiet country roads (my favorite!) with lots of scenery to watch as we traveled.

Michael doing his ‘walk around’ during a rest area stop.

We stopped a couple of times to use the restroom but had a nice uneventful trip.

Our route took us right past Rise ‘n Roll…and it would have been practically a sin to not stop!  The lots was pretty full but Michael used his expert skills and got us backed into a spot out of the way.

Couldn’t resist a Rise ‘n Roll pic as we left!

We shared a Turkey & Bacon wrap and grabbed some goodies (corn salsa, pickles, ham spread, cheese spread and of course, donuts!) and were on our way again in less than an hour.

 We arrived at  Elkhart Campground about 2:45.  We got checked in and the owner took us to a couple of sites but the hook ups were either on the wrong side or at the front of the coach.   She eventually took us on the other side of the campground and we ended up in site 903 which is perfect…no one behind us and quite a bit less congested than where she originally took us.

Nestled in to site 902 for the next couple of nights.

Our site has no sewer and is just 30 amp and Michael decided to forgo putting up the satellite dish so set up was a breeze.  He didn’t even hook up to water, just filled the fresh water tank and we’ll live off of that while we’re here.  Since we’re here for just two nights I didn’t unpack much of anything inside either.

Heartland friends, Dan and Lisa, are just down the row from us and we made plans to have dinner at Texas Roadhouse.
Michael ordered chicken fried steak, which was huge and he has a ton of leftovers.  I got a good ol’ ribeye and some shrimp, both of which were very good.
Conversation flowed very easily – Heartland, RVs, kids, grandkids (Dan & Lisa are expecting their first!), blogging, upcoming travels, you name it.  We enjoyed a really good meal and some excellent conversation for a couple of hours before we headed back to the campground.




2 Responses to Travel Day: Dayton, OH To Elkhart, IN

  1. Judy Winkle

    We leave for Elkhart Tuesday morning. Going to pick up our 365 from Morryde after they put IS and disc brakes on. We left it there after the International and returned to TN. We got really lucky and Heartland Service center is working us in on Thursday to finish up repairs from the rally. Dometic diagnosed a/c problem as needing a new fan motor which they didn’t have, pantry has about a 1/2-3/4″ gap between doors and one door is sagging, they said it needed new hinges which they didn’t have and finally our dining room chairs have staples sticking out of the backs -they might replace them. So we will be at MORryde and HLS Wed and Thursday and decided to make a weekend of it. Will be staying at Shipshewana CG. The vendor at the rally with the water softeners is going to be there and will rebuild ours then. We didn’t have it with us at the rally. So if you are still in the neighborhood maybe we can get together;

    • Kelly

      Oh Judy! I’m seeing this MUCH too late! I wish we would have been able to get some one on one time with you! However, we were only in Elkhart for 2 nights…a quick stop over. It would be nice if our paths cross again…we’ll have to make a point to get together.

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