Believe it or Not…

Posted by on July 9, 2017

Believe it or not…we have a water leak!  Yes, yes…I know what you’re thinking but such is the RV life, we must roll with the punches.  We noticed water coming from the underbelly about a week ago so Michael pulled down the underbelly to determine where the water came from.

He couldn’t see anything but thought that the only place it could be coming from was the gray tank that receives the gray water from the kitchen sink.  (Process of elimination really…the fresh water tank is brand new as we had it replaced last month and the other gray tank had a leak and was repaired last fall) However, he couldn’t tell for sure as it wasn’t leaking at the time and he had just emptied the tank before we noticed the leak.  So we decided to sit back and wait for the tank to fill up and see if it leaked when full.

Today we hit pay dirt!  We started leaking again!  Michael immediately slid under the coach to see where the water was coming from and it IS the tank he thought it might be and could easily see where the crack was by following the trail of dribbling water.  Hooray!

Not that I’m happy about that…but I’m happy that we discovered where the problem is and now we can make a plan of action to get it fixed or replaced.




4 Responses to Believe it or Not…

  1. Kerry ,,Jackson

    I sure am disappointed with the workmanship of the rv’ s ! We have had multiple leak issues also! Some due to cheap tank construction, some due to poor workmanship in rv construction. It is really sad. It is so stressful and time consuming. We have our rally and will be making a stop at our factory for some repairs. Rv’ing is still fun but it would be wonderful if we didn’t have to deal with redundant repairs!

    • Kelly

      Totally agree! We’ve had this RV for 6 years and would think that at some point the leaks would stop…but it just seems never ending. Michael is outside dealing with a leak as I write this!

  2. Jan Spaulding

    Always something. We just replaced a water heater when the a/c went out. Temporarily all things are working but we will wait and see what happens next.

    • Kelly

      Always. Something. Isn’t that the truth??? It gets to be very frustrating.

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