Travel Day: Goshen, IN To Wright-Patterson AFB, OH

Posted by on June 19, 2017

Sunday, June 18th

We were up at 7:00 am so that we could head down to the rally hall for breakfast and to see our Heartland family one last time before pulling out of the fairgrounds.  It poured as we drove to the rally hall and then pretty much stopped once we were inside…of course!

After saying our goodbyes and getting lots of hugs and handshakes we headed back home to finish our move day chores and hitch up.  We ended up pulling out of the fairgrounds and 9:29…ahead of our 10:00/11:00 am guesstimated time of departure.

We chose to head east on 34 and then go south on 13 so as not to go through Goshen or deal with the partial construction that was west on 34.

Such a peaceful, gorgeous sight

It turned out to be a very nice drive.  Not far from the fair grounds we came across an Amish home that was hosting church services and all of the horses and buggies were parked in the pasture along the road. Loved it!

About 45 minutes or so after we hit the road we got some rain…light at first and then a littler harder but nothing that wasn’t drivable through so and it only lasted about 20 minutes so we just continued on down the road enjoying the beautiful countryside.

We only had a little over 200 miles to drive today so we didn’t make any stops at Kelly’s Kitchen but we did make a couple of roadside stops to use the bathroom in the coach.

The first 2/3 of the drive was all on 2 lane roads and they were all in good shape so we really enjoyed the peaceful, quiet country drive.
I’d picked up an audio book from the For Sale table at the rally and we listened to it along the way.  It was a Stephen King book titled Drunken Fireworks and only ended up being an hour and a half long and quite different from the Stephen King books we’re familiar with but we enjoyed it nonetheless.


We entered Ohio about halfway through today’s drive and then hit the interstate less than an hour from our destination.   We followed a Bighorn from Florida onto the interstate and we’re pretty sure they were coming from the rally too but it wasn’t anyone we knew.

 We pulled into the Wright-Patterson FamCamp just before 2:00 pm and found our site easier than we thought we would.  We got parked, unhitched and leveled in no time and then we both went our separate ways to do our chores.

Wright-Patterson AFB FamCamp site 24. We are right next to our twin…except that it’s a Grand Canyon and ours is a Key Largo.

After completing my ‘set up’ chores and got dinner underway….nothing fancy just some grilled burgers, corn on the cob and steamed zucchini.  Our first real ‘home cooked’ meal in quite sometime and it was good!

Michael took a little longer to set up the satellite dish this time as he’d picked up a dish from the ‘For Sale’ table and combined part of it with our old one to create a ‘new’ one as the mounting bracket on ours broke on our way to Wisconsin from Arkansas.  Now we have a ‘Frankenstein Dish’.  Woohoo!  Go Mikey!
After dinner we did NOTHING.  We sat in our recliners and vegged in front of the TV and it felt GOOD! We are here for a month so we’re in no hurry to see the area sights.

2 Responses to Travel Day: Goshen, IN To Wright-Patterson AFB, OH

  1. Pat & Wyndy

    Sounds like you had a great rally. We are thinking of staying at Wright-Patterson AFB next year for a few days on our way to see Pat’s family in a Toledo.

    • Kelly

      Hey ladies! So good to hear from you! This is a nice FamCamp…a bit small but works just fine for us. I would recommend making reservations if you do end up staying here at it’s full most every night. Hope we see you down the road!

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