Last of the Rally Days

Posted by on June 17, 2017

June 16 – 17

Our friendly Heartland Service Techs

Friday morning John, one of our Heartland techs, came by to finish up a few things that didn’t get taken finished while at the service center and to also make sure that our basement was dry.  It was…keep your fingers crossed that there are no more water leaks in the basement!

Michael and I took a walk to the vendor hall to renew our Sam’s Club membership ($20 gift card for renewing now) and Michael also picked up a few items from the Tiara RV booth (mostly water/sewer fittings).

A fairly large group at the leadership meeting

At noon we had a Leadership meeting.  We were given boxed lunches and then discussed what direction we wanted to see the club go in.  Biggest hurdle seems to be how to get people to join the club and attend rally’s.

After the Leadership meeting we made a quick trip back to the vendor hall as I decided I wanted a Heartland decal for the back truck window and had seen that Mark and Linda had some already made and ready to go.

Pretty cool, eh?

After picking that up we picked up our unsold items from the Owners For Sale table and ended up finding and over the door toilet paper holder that we thought might work better than the self standing one we’ve been using for 5 plus years….so we took it home, called the owner and then paid them on our way back up to the rally hall.

Back at the rally hall we attended a VA Benefits briefing.  One of the club members is a certified Veterans Assistance Officer and threw together an impromptu briefing for anyone that wanted to attend.  He was very knowledgeable and helpful and willing to offer advice to anyone that needed/wanted it.

There were a lot of regional get-togethers in the afternoon but since we had ours on Wednesday we went of to dinner at Ponderosa, which is fairly close by.  We both chose the buffet and with Michael’s military discount our bill was less that $25.

Fun watching the harness races

When we got back to the fairgrounds we went for a walk, heading toward the Northwest area, stopping at Jim Bs place for a couple of minutes and then continued on.  Before we got too far Kevin and Nelly came by in their golf cart and took us for a spin.  That spin too us all over the park and nearly 4 hours…LOL!

Learning how to fly a drone

We went over to the Northwest area to drop something off to Joanna and then moved on down the road.  We stopped and watched some harness racing that was taking place.  We stopped and talked to a gentleman that was flying a drone and Kevin even piloted it for a while.  We showed Kevin and Nelly where the dump was and of course we stopped and chatted with people…small groups, large groups, individuals.

We ended up at Wayne and Nita’s to finish the night but finally decided it was time to head on home as we had a full day coming up on Saturday.

Such an awesome benefit of attending our National Rally is getting the chance to see the coaches being built!

Saturday morning we were up and on the road about 8:15 am and headed to the Heartland factory where they were, once again, doing tours of the different plants.  I stayed outside and checked out the new coaches on display while Michael roamed around inside.  I’d seen it before and was ok not visiting again.

They have it set up really well so that you can view each stage as it happens: ceiling, cabinetry, flooring, roofing, hydraulics, etc.  It’s really quite interesting…especially for people like Michael who absorb all of that kind of stuff.

From there we went over to the Furrion Innovation Center, which right next door to the RV/MH Hall of Fame where we were having lunch with the Heartland execs.  Michael visited the Innovation Center and thought they had some interesting ideas but wasn’t overly impressed.

A sea of Heartland owners quizing three of the Heartland brand managers

We were fed burgers for lunch and then had an open forum where owners could address three of the brand managers.  Unfortunately, often this kinda turns into a ‘gripe session’ so it’s probably my least favorite aspect of the entire rally.

Rather than riding the bus to the days excursion we drove so we were back home about 2:00 pm or so which gave us time to do some packing and preparing for Sunday’s departure.  With those chores out of the way we’ll have more time for saying our ‘see ya laters’ before hitting the road.

We had our last catered meal for dinner: pork chops, three-cheese ravioli, mixed veggies, salad, fruit, dinner roll and strawberry shortcake to round it all off.  Dinner was very good again.

Timing’s Everything

Tonight’s entertainment was Timing’s Everything, a band focused mostly on country music. Unfortunately, they played much louder than needed and the music actually drowned out the singers. There was a young lady that had a pretty nice voice but was overshadowed much of the time by the male lead.  Oh well….you win some, you lose some.  We had good company and that’s what really mattered to us.

We ended up back at home about 8:00 pm giving us plenty of time to finish getting ready to hit the road in the morning and relax with a little TV before bed too!  Felt great!



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