Rally Days

Posted by on June 16, 2017

June 14 – 15

Wednesday Michael opted to forego any seminars so that we could get some errands out of the way as there really was no other time.

The service techs had dropped our new tires off on Tuesday so we took those along with the two old tires over to a tire shop to have the rims taken off the old and put on the new.

We also took one last ride over to Shipshewana to get some looooonnnng phone cables from the Flea Market, pick up a few items from E&S and to get some creamy dill popcorn seasoning from Yoder Popcorn.

While we were in town we decided to try the 5 & 20 Restaurant for lunch.  It’s located at the intersection of highways 5 and 20 (ha!) and we’ve passed it several times and today was the day we gave it a shot.  There are both Amish and English working in the restaurant and it has a nice atmosphere.

Michael ordered fried chicken and was happy with it while I went with a turkey Manhattan and was happy with it…I’ve had better but it was a big improvement on the last one I had.

The newest addition to our coach.

While we were out Mark came to our coach and applied the new replacement decals that he and Linda had made to replace the ones that were destroyed when the new wall on our door side slide was replaced.  We also had them make an additional decal for our bedroom window.

Enjoying fellowship & snacks with our regional family

Wednesday evening we went to the South Central Region Meet & Greet.  The South Central Region includes: Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and New Mexico.  Unfortunately, our regional directors, Jay & Stella, weren’t able to make the rally due to some health concerns and they were GREATLY missed.

We had a good time chatting with several of our friends and even got a chance to get to know others we don’t know quite as well.

It’s been quite hot here and it was actually pretty comfortable relaxing in a chair under the pavilion with a nice breeze blowing.  Unfortunately, some people thought a storm was brewing and everyone pretty much scattered and headed back to their RVs.  It did end up raining about an hour or so later…but just a nice gentle rain.

Help yourself!

Michael has been keeping a cooler filled with beer & iced tea on ice outside for the service techs to help themselves to during and after work (beer for after hours!).  The guys & gals seem to appreciate it and we’re glad as we appreciate what they do for all of us.

Thursday morning at 8:00 am a couple of the service guys stopped by with a plumbing part that Michael asked for and intended to install himself but while they were here so they went ahead and installed it.

While the tech was installing the ‘continuous flow’ pipe under the kitchen sink Karen stopped by and gave me 6 fresh Georgia peaches.  Karen had been gifted a case of peaches and they were ripening too fast so she’s gifting them to friends.

Just as the tech was finishing up under the sink another tech came by with a box with Michael’s name on it.  He had ordered some straps for a basement storage project and Heartland was good enough to send them here to the rally for easy pick up.

Shortly after all the Heartland techs left Michael came home (he’d been down at the vendor hall) and just a few minutes after him Dawn from All-Brite stopped by as there was some confusion with the payment for the washing & waxing of the coach & truck.  It seems that there were two Barnett’s, a Bennett & a Barrett that all had service done and the wrong dollar amounts were given by All-Brite at the time of payment.  We ended up paying roughly $60 less than we should have but the owner absorbed the loss.

Michael is now a Heartland movie star! (Or will be once the video is posted!)

My ‘blogging boss’ at Heartland came by around noon to do a short video tour of us and the coach.  I’m a bit of a chicken so I was worried about how it would turn out.  Both John and Michael said it went well…I guess we’ll just have to wait and see when it is posted what it’s like.

Heartland Chow Line

We had our first catered meal tonight:  chicken, ham, applesauce, broccoli salad, green bean casserole, roasted potatoes and dinner rolls.  Then, of course, there were several different kinds of pie to choose from, coconut cream, rhubarb, chocolate, peach, etc.  EVERYTHING was very good and I heard a lot of other people saying the same.

Chicago Tribute Anthology

After dinner we were treated to the music of Chicago Tribute Anthology.  They did a good job with the Chicago songs they did.  They also played a couple of songs by Steely Dan and Santana.  They really did well with the Santana songs though.  We stayed for the entire gig and enjoyed singing along and even danced to one song….been a LONG time since we’ve danced…felt good.


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