Coach Maintenance and Gatherings of Friends

Posted by on June 14, 2017

June 11 – 13

All-Brite was back again at 8:30 am to double check any flaws and do any touch ups as needed.  I’m really quite impressed with their work as they check and double check to make sure that everything is done right.

We got a few more chores done (dusting, laundry, hooked up the internet permanent-like, got things ready to sell at the ‘For Sale’ table, etc etc etc) in the morning but that was about it.

Excellent lunch served by Dan & Karen!

We were invited to Dan & Karen’s for lunch.  Dan made pork loin sandwiches and they were SO good.  Moist, flavorful…no need for BBQ sauce at all.  I made a Broccoli Ranch Pasta Salad to share with everyone.

We visited for a couple of hours, huddled in the shade as the hot humid sun was too much.  Thankfully, there was a breeze, which helped a lot.

Lots of display coaches

After lunch we went and looked at a couple of the ‘show coaches’ but mainly the brand new Landmark Louisville.  It’s shorter than the average Landmark and is set up quite differently with a booth table at the rear where a couch normally goes.  Cute…but definitely not for us.

The park was kind of quite until mid-afternoon as a large group of folks went on the Bison Ranch Tour.  We took the tour at our first National Rally in 2013 so didn’t feel the need to take it again.  As a matter of fact we didn’t partake of any of the tours this year….been there, done that.

Dan & Michael fall back into their military ways when it comes to lining up the service tech carts!

Late afternoon we, once again, helped Dan moved golf carts.  This time we moved the service techs ‘trucks’ from the dairy barn to the area where the service team makes their headquarters.

The old side wall with our map and decals…dead on the ground

After helping with the carts we decided to take a walk around the northwest area and then on to home. We stopped and visited with several groups and even got a chance to hook up with Mark & Linda to get them to remake the decals for our coach.

The old ones had been removed when they repaired the coach.  Smart Linda had saved all of the files for those that had decals made at the last rally so all we had to do was confirm the decal and we also had her make them a bit smaller than the old ones.  We should have the decals in the next few days.

We went to the Chinese Buffet here in Goshen with Andy & Joanna and really enjoyed the company.  We had talked about playing some Mexican Train when we got back to the fairgrounds but ended up deciding to skip tonight and play tomorrow.

Michael and I took a short walk to the next road over as we knew that Wayne and Nita had arrived today, as well as Rana’s mom, Melba…all part of our Alabama family.  Unfortunately, we didn’t find Melba as we’re not sure what she’s in.  But we did come across Jerry & Lily (also part of our Alabama family)…Jerry was off visiting but Lily was home but not feeling well so we just said ‘hi’ and will catch up with them later.

We also found Wayne and Nita and visited with them for a while before we headed back home (they’re just kitty corner from us with one coach in between us) for the night.

There’s Josh doing his thing…

Monday was a busy day for as far as having working done on and around the coach.  Josh from Tyson Carpet Clean came and cleaned our carpets…we’ve had him do them at every rally and he does a good job.

We also had Kleen Tank come in and do a thorough cleaning of all of our tanks – black, grey and fresh.  Michael was ‘tickled’ when he was told that his black tank was one of the cleanest they’d ever seen.  LOL  However, Michael felt that the service they provided wasn’t much more than what he could do himself…guess we won’t be having that done again.

The Heartland service techs arrived on Monday to begin their rally service work.  At each National Rally Heartland comes in and will do two minor service jobs on our coaches free of charge.  The service crews work long days and are here until they get everything done…usually by Thursday or so they’re done.

To show our appreciation for their hard work we have a cooler outside that has sweet & unsweet tea for working hours and bottled beer for after hours and we let all the guys (and gals) know where it is and to help themselves…they do and they appreciate it.

A small portion of Meet & Greet attendees

Monday evening we had a Chili Dog Meet & Greet up at one of the Pavilion’s.  Heartland supplied the dogs, chili, chips and cookies so we had to bring was ourselves and our drinks.  We had a good time visiting with friends and hooking up with a few we hadn’t met before.

Tuesday was the first official day of the rally.  Michael was in seminars most of the day but postponed going to a few so that he could help me prep for the class I presented on Instant Pot cooking.

Me & the winner of the raffle at my Instant Pot class

My class went well with a turn out of roughly 80 people I’m told.  I had four volunteers who helped me create pulled pork, hard-boiled eggs and TWO pots of macaroni & cheese.  Lots of great comments on the samples and I know of at least one person who went back to their RV and ordered an Instant Pot!

That evening we had a ‘Dessert Welcome’ in the big rally hall.  Rally organizer, Jim B., went over a few items, a couple of our sponsors addressed the crowd and a couple of our Canadian Heartland Owners gave us a brief presentation about Canada’s 150th Birthday that is coming up July 1st.

On our walk home from the rally hall we stopped and chatted with several groups – one of which was a group of service techs who were done for the day but staying on location…good group of guys.






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  1. Kerry ,,Jackson

    Hi Michael and Kelly!
    Had a question about All Bright and the wash and wax service. Are you able to tell me the price they charge for that service? We have our (Forest River ) Ralley in August and might want to get it done while we are there! Thank you!! Hope you are having a blast!! Cross my finger for some cooler weather for you all!!

    Kerry Jackson

    • Kelly

      Hi Kerry! So sorry for the delay in responding. For our 41 foot 5th wheel and long bed dually the price for washing and waxing both was supposed to be $420 but we got a bit of a break due to their snafu.

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