Made it to the Pre-Rally!

Posted by on June 11, 2017

June 7 – 10

Troubleshooting the power cord reel

Wednesday morning we were ready to pull out of the RV site at the Heartland Service Center and as we were preparing to hitch up Michael went to reel in the power cord but it wouldn’t budge.  We have a power cord reel and for some reason it wasn’t getting any juice.

Michael fiddled with it for a while to no avail and then went and got one of the techs, who fiddled with it for a while and had no luck either.  Eventually they decided to tow the coach back into a bay and install a new cord reel.

Delicious Chimi

We ran and got some lunch while the techs were on lunch.  We stopped at El Camino Real #3 which is just a mile and a half from the service center.  Michael went with his usual enchiladas and I ordered a chimichanga and we were both happy with our orders.  Michael thought the salsa was a bit bland but I liked it and we both agreed the chips were very good.  We’ll go back.

As they were work on installing the new cord reel they heard a hissing sound and found a screw embedded in one of the coach tires.  Thankfully it was in one of the ‘older’ tires, not one that we just replaced in February.  Since we were going to order two new tires to replace those ‘older’ tires anyway, Michael had them order another one and we just paid for that while Heartland paid for the one with the screw in it.

Snuggled in with our Heartland family

We finally ended up leaving the service center about 4:00 pm and make the trek south to the Elkhart County Fairgrounds, just 20 miles away.  We got checked in, were given our rally swag bag and escorted to our site – 238.

We got set up and got visits from Dan Halvorsen and Lisa Brown.  I made an easy peasy dinner of air fryer chicken wings (bbq for Mikey, teriyaki for me) and a salad.  We even unpacked a couple of boxes but by the time it was time for bed…we were ready.

Friday morning Michael stayed home to do some unpacking, wipe down the freezer, make several phone calls and do some miscellaneous odds and ends while I made the drive to Shipshewana to pick up some groceries from E&S.  I’d never driven myself there before and I really enjoyed my leisurely drive.  I took several back roads we’d not yet explored.

It’s such a peaceful drive through the countryside with lots of Amish homes along the way, buggies traveling here and there, Amish bicyclists making their way along the road, etc.  It must be baby horse season as there were TONS of them hanging out with their mamas and there were several pregnant horses too.

Back home I put groceries away and then ordered some Lock & Lock containers to store my new-found treasures to keep them fresh and organized.

While I was storing groceries Karen Halversen came by and we had a good visit.  Later on in the afternoon Louisiana Chapter leaders and friends Andy & Joanna Grimes stopped by and we visited for nearly two hours.

As with the last National Rally we helped Dan & Karen with golf carts.  They’re in charge of handing out the golf carts that rally goers ordered as well as carts for the service techs to use when they come next week to do minor service work.

Today we just drove the carts that were delivered this morning over to get them fueled up right here on the fairgrounds.

I grilled some Opa’s for dinner and we enjoyed dinner outside in the shade of the coach.  It was a warm day (upper 80s) but the shade and breeze helped.  Temps are supposed to be in the 90s all next week and the humidity here is usually quite high….ugh!

After dinner we walked up to the rally hall to see if there was a Mexican Train game going on…and there was gonna be one starting.  So we stayed and played for a couple of hours.  We ended up with two tables going and had a good time with lots of laughter.

Saturday morning we hung out at home.  I had some writing to do for the Heartland blog (got one and a half articles done!) and Michael worked on a couple of small projects…plus we had laundry going.

Wax on…wax off…

The folks from All-Brite came by to wax the coach (they washed it on Friday afternoon).  Michael decided to take advantage of their service since the coach had been sitting at the service center for 5 weeks and it’s a very dusty environment.  Plus it had been in the ‘rain bay’ and had all kinds of water splotches on it.

Delicious lunch…great friends

We drove to the Carriage House for an Amish dinner with about 75 or so of our Heartland family.  We have to split into two groups since the Amish homes can’t accommodate such a large group.  The last two years we’ve gone to the Yoder home but we decided to try something new this time and went with the Carriage House.

Another platter of food on the table…pass one down, turn it around…another platter of food on the table

We were all very impressed with the Carriage House and hope to go back again in 2019.  Seth, our host, said the Lord’s Prayer (in German) before our meal…so awesome.  We were served ‘family style’ as usual…starting at one end of a long table and passing each dish down.  We were served a tossed salad, baked chicken, mashed potatoes, meatloaf, chicken & dressing, green beans and noodles.  For dessert we had a choice of pie (coconut cream, banana cream, cherry, pecan and a couple of others) plus homemade ice cream and caramel sauce.

Everything was outstanding!  Most everyone ate too much and felt the need to be rolled out to their trucks afterward.  The hosts were all very friendly and welcoming.

Love driving through the Amish countryside…

After lunch we drove into Goshen and finished our grocery shopping and also picked up the supplies for the Instant Pot class all be presenting on Tuesday 6/13.

We drove back to Goshen through the back roads and really enjoyed it.  Once again taking roads we’d not been on before.  The picture to the right is of an Amish schoolhouse with a horse-drawn buggy going down the road…neither are an uncommon sight.
Back home we got the groceries put away and then I emptied out three more boxes…I’m down to only one more that needs to be unpacked!  The house is almost back to normal and it feels good!
We decided to stay home this evening rather than go out visiting or play some Mexican Train.  It felt good to stay home, watch some TV and enjoy some yummy popcorn.


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