No Longer Homeless

Posted by on June 8, 2017

June 5 – 7

Monday morning we hung out in the breakfast area so that we could utilize one of the tables to work on our laptops.  I had some campground reservations to make, bills to pay, a little bit of work for Heartland and some miscellaneous odds and ends to wrap up.

We finished up and then headed into town to grab some lunch at Long John Silvers…one of our favorites and a place we don’t happen across very often.

After lunch we stopped at Factory RV Surplus so that Michael could do some wandering.  I was very surprised that he was ready to leave and didn’t have anything in his hands!  That’s a rarity.

Before heading home we stopped at the service center to check on our coach and were happy to see that all three of the slides were now in place (still need a little adjusting), they were working on reinstalling the underbelly and spare tire rack (after installing a new fresh water tank) and there was a young lady that was doing all the caulking of the joints as well as cleaning up the inside of the coach.  We’d thought we’d have a LOT of cleaning to do as it was pretty dusty in there but now it doesn’t look like it’ll take nearly the amount of work we’d thought it would to get it cleaned up!

This Montana has a window in the front cap…interesting

Tuesday turned out to be a really nice day.  We decided we needed to get out of the hotel  so we started by going across the street to Tiara RV to look at some coaches.  We looked at all the Landmarks, of course, a couple of Redwoods, DRVs, a Montana and a few others.  We’re kinda partial to the front living rooms but since we’re not in the market….it was just a good way to waste some time.

Lots and lots of the same….but good for some exercise

From there we headed over to Shipshewana to wander the flea market.  Many of the booths have the same things so you have to be careful as they’re not all priced the same.  We walked down most of the rows, if not all…purchased some odds and ends and had a nice time just getting out.

We had lunch at the Auction Restaurant.  The food was ok…nothing special and our waitress seemed to have forgotten us a couple of times.  You win some, you lose some.

Nelly doing her thing…

On the way home we stopped at the Fairgrounds to pick up some mail we had delivered there and ended up staying about 4 hours!  We chatted with friends, were treated to Nelly muffins for the following mornings breakfast and played some Mexican Train.  A great way to end an already good day.

We were up fairly early, enjoyed our Nelly muffins and were out the door and over to the Heartland Service Center to check on the coach.  We were quite happy to find that it was completed!

Darrell going over everything that was done to the coach

Darrell went over all that was done to it, showing us this and that.  We’re very pleased with the work that was done and know that we would never have received the same quality of work if we’d have taken it to a dealer.

The service guys moved the coach into one of the sites in the back so that we could unload the Uhaul and start unpacking.  We got a really good start and only have a few boxes let to unpack, a few things to straighten up and then we’ll call it good.

That’s a lotta fish!

We wrapped it up about 4:30 pm and took the Uhaul over to return it and then grabbed some dinner at Heinnies Back Barn.  We’d been there before and enjoyed it.  Tonight we both got the haddock dinner and were astounded by the amount of fish we received.

3 Responses to No Longer Homeless

  1. Barb


    In the picture of your kitchen I noticed you have some wall decor above the stove area. How did you attach these pieces to the wall? Hubby and I also have a Landmark (Key West) and would like to decorate – but hubby is concerned about damaging the walls.

    • Kelly

      Hi Barb! Sorry for the delay in responding!

      I’m assuming you’re refering to the wall hangings above the slide? If so, we use Command Strips with velcro on them. My husband just loads up the wall hangings with as many as he feels necessary (we try to only use light weight wall hangings) and sticks ’em on the wall!

      If you’re talking about the backsplash right behind the stove area…those are peel & stick tiles that you can get from a big box store.

      Great hearing from you!

      • Barb

        Thanks so much Kelly – I appreciate your help. Love your blog!


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