Weekend With Skip & Denise

Posted by on June 5, 2017

Just a glimpse…

Friday we arrived in Elkhart just a few minutes after 4:00 pm and went right over to the service center and lucked out to find that a few people were still working and we were able to get a quick peek at our coach.

The kitchen and basement floors are completed and now they’re working on the door side slide.  They’re hoping to have it completed by mid-week and we’re keeping our fingers crossed.  We’ll have some MAJOR dusting/cleaning to do when we are able to move back in…but that’s a small price to pay to have a ‘like new’ coach again.

Good burgers, good friends

We met our friends, Skip and Denise, at the hotel and shortly after they arrived we went to dinner at the Flippin’ Cow.  Michael and I’d been there a few years ago and enjoyed it.  We all went with burgers of some sort and enjoyed them thoroughly…the messier the better!

Saturday morning we all met in the hotel’s breakfast area before setting out for the day.  Our first stop was at the Elkhart County Fairgrounds where the Heartland National Rally is held.  There are already quite a few people there helping to get things ready for the pre-rally and rally.

We had some freezer items that had been in Dan and Amanda’s freezer in anticipation of going into our freezer when we got back from Utah.  With the delay in our coach work we had to find a freezer to store our things in.  Thankfully, our friend Jim B had some room for us to put our things in so we stopped by there to put them in his freezer.  Thanks, Jim!

The four of us shared ONE of the Rise ‘n Rolls new ice cream filled donuts. Sinful

From there we drove through the Amish countryside and made stops at the Dutch Country Market, Guggisberg Cheese, Rise ‘n Roll, Eash Sales, E&S Bulk Store, Yoder’s Meat & Cheese and several miscellaneous shops.  Denise and Skip hadn’t been to the are much in the past and we wanted to share some of our favorite places with them.

Skip & Eash Sales – a match made in heaven

Skip is a ‘shopper’ so he really enjoyed the stop at Eash Sales where he found several yard items.  Denise and I are cheese lovers so that samples put us in heaven.  Michael has turned into a sweets lover so he found several items at the Dutch Country Market.

Madison was very patient

While at Eash & E&S (next door to each other) we stopped and chatted with an Amish man (Sonny Bontrager) who sits with a Clydesdale horse and allows visitors to pet and take pictures with the horse, Madison.  Sonny was super friendly and we really enjoyed chatting with him.

We had dinner at the Blue Gate buffet (new to all of us) and everyone definitely got their fill.  The chicken and the noodles were high on my list…very tasty.

Ready to enjoy the music of Air Supply

After dinner we made our way to the Blue Gate Event Center.  We had tickets to see that nights Air Supply concert.  We’d purchased combination tickets – dinner at the Blue Gate and the concert for $64 each…not a bad deal.

Our concert seats could have been better…we thought we were sitting in a balcony but there was no balcony.  Thankfully it wasn’t a big theater and they had large TV screens strategically placed to allow for easier viewing.

Graham on the left and Russell on the right

We really enjoyed the concert.  Graham and Russell put on an excellent concert and did a great job of including the audience.  Air Supply wasn’t one of my favorite groups as a kid but I certainly knew almost all of their songs.  They even sang a couple of new ones…one of which was a real crowd pleaser – ‘Shake it!’ Definitely not your typical Air Supply song…and we really had a lot of fun singing along.

Sunday morning we all got together for breakfast again and visited for a couple of hours before it was time for Denise and Skip to head home.  They live just a few hours north in south central Michigan and we’re so glad that they could find the time to come and visit us.

The rest of the afternoon was spent napping.  Michael napped almost 5 hours while I napped for about 2.5 hours.  I did a little computer work too…but apparently we need some extra rest.  We’re not normally nap-takers so if we slept that much…there’s a reason for it.

When we woke from our naps we headed out for dinner.  We decided to try Callahan’s.  It had been recommended by several people and was just down the road.  We both ordered Turkey Manhattan’s and found them to be ‘ok’.  Nothing spectacular and wouldn’t be something either of us would order again but we would give the restaurant a try again.  They were quite busy so maybe we just ordered the wrong thing!?

Back at the hotel we turned on the TV and watched a bit while surfing on our phones/laptops.  Ten o’clock rolled around and we turned off the TV and turned off the lights.



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