Utah to Wisconsin

Posted by on June 3, 2017

Tuesday was our last full day in Utah and Michael had an appointment at the VA to get some wrist splints as he’s been having issues with his arms going numb when he drives long distances.  The doctor is using the splints to rule out carpal tunnel…if they help…it’s carpal tunnel…if not…it’s back to the drawing board.

We get a kick out of this Jimmy John’s every time we go by…thought we’d share

While we were there he also had to go to the lab for some blood work and then to the pharmacy to pick up new prescriptions – both of which were ordered by the allergy doctor he saw last week.

Then it was back home to finish packing our suitcases.  I also had some blog work I needed to do for Heartland RVs and we had a few emails to work on for the South Texas Chapter of the Heartland Owners Club.

It was early to bed as we had a 3:30 am wake up call Wednesday morning and a 5:30 am flight to catch. Zack was up with us to take us to the airport.  We left at 3:45 am and arrived at the airport about 4:30 am. Got our bags checked and through security, stopped to use the restroom and get a couple of drinks and made our way to the gate and pretty much proceeded to walk right on to the plane.  Nice.

The one hour flight from Salt Lake City to Denver was quick and smooth.  We arrived about 7:00 am and by that time we were pretty hungry so we had breakfast at one of the airport restaurants.  It was surprisingly good for airport food….maybe we were just really hungry.  LOL

We had three hours to kill before our next flight so we took our time over breakfast and then just chilled at the gate while doing some people watching, internet surfing and reading.

The last leg of our trip was from Denver to Madison and was just over 2 hours long and went fairly quickly but was pretty bumpy coming down.  I got stranded at the front of the plane when I got up to use the rest room and the flight attendants chose that time to do a beverage service.  We were in row 8 and they parked the cart at row 5 so I waited for about 15 minutes until they were done and moved the cart so that I could get back to my seat.

Since Dan was working, Amanda and three very smiley grandbabies picked us up at the airport.  Amanda had been battling with her allergies so she asked Michael to drive home as she wasn’t feeling the greatest.

Once back at Dan and Amanda’s we visited and relaxed for the remainder of the day as we knew that the next day was going to be fairly busy.

Papaw got it a couple of times!

Oh!  But don’t let me forget…Mr. Alex decided we HAD to play Pie Face with him…I thought he’d forgotten about us playing…but noooo…he remembered.  We played until we’d all gotten our faces plastered with whipped cream and he was a happy boy!

Hard at work

Thursday we were up fairly early and out of the house about 8:45 am to head over to Uhaul.  Amanda was sweet enough to help us out.  We needed to empty out our two storage units and load up a 5×8 trailer to take to Elkhart, Indiana.  With Amanda’s help we had the work done in just under 2 hours!

Amanda got caught!

That afternoon we had an interview with Dane County Parks regarding a camphosting position with them next summer.  They have five campgrounds in the county that we’d be working at…mostly as ‘ambassadors’ to be available to campers.  Doing some fire pit cleaning, flower bed maintenance etc.  No bathrooms to clean.  The interview went very well so I think we’ll have a job next summer…which will work out really well if Zack and his family end up stationed in the Madison area.

Alex’s turn

Just before leaving for to go to the storage place we found out that the coach wouldn’t be ready for pick up on Friday, after all.  While fixing one issue the tech team had found what caused the issue and wanted to resolve it so that we wouldn’t have the same issue again.  We were more than happy to leave the coach with them to get the problem resolved rather than have something spring up later down the road.

Ugh! Nana’s turn!

We just did some juggling, reserved a hotel room in Elkhart as we had plans with friends of the weekend and continued on without missing a beat!

Alex wanted us all to go to Fuji (the volcano place) for dinner so that’s what we did…you know me…I never turn down Asian cuisine!  We had an excellent chef who kept us all entertained and laughing.

We finished off the night with a game of Splendor.  I did much better than I’d done in the past but Amanda still pulled out the win.




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