It’s All Fun & Games…Until a Drone Gets Stuck in Your Hair

Posted by on May 30, 2017

May 23 – 29

Our oldest grandbaby is now a 1st grader!

Wednesday (the 24th) was a fairly busy day.  We started off with all of us going over to West Haven Elementary School for Paityn’s Kindergarten program.  The program was a culmination of songs the kids learned throughout their year in Kindergarten.  It was very cute and Paityn did a great job.  Thursday will be a ‘field day’ for her and then Friday is a very short day and then she’ll be done with school and we’ll have a 1st grader!

Delicious Bento Box

After the program Kelsea went back to work and Michael and I went with Zack to run errands.  We ended up grabbing some lunch at Sushi Ya…which was quite yummy and hit the spot.  Zack got his usual sushi while I got a beef bento box and Michael ordered teriyaki salmon.

Kelsea flew to Wisconsin on Thursday so that she could attend her nieces high school graduation so Michael and I accompanied her to the airport and then continued on to the VA Hospital as Michael had two appointments.

The first appointment was a Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) which pretty much put him through the ringer.  When he was finished there we went directly to his next appointment with the allergy doctor. We’d been told that he normally runs way behind (by his nurse)…but when we arrived we were taken right back and the doctor actually had to wait on Michael to finish filling out a very extensive questionnaire.

He’s been around the block a few times, me thinks

The doctor had to be pretty darn close to being eighty years old but was very thorough and also a bit on the odd side.  He confirmed Michael’s has asthma and put him on a couple of new medications and if we were going to be staying in the area he said he’d have been on him ‘like a blanket’ to start allergy shots.  As it stands, I think we’ll be holding off on the allergy shots until we’re going to be staying put in one area for quite some time as the allergy shot regimen doesn’t mix well with our mobile lifestyle.

Thursday also happened to be our 32nd wedding anniversary so we ended the day with dinner with Zack and the kids.  We had reservations at Maddox Ranch House in Brigham City.  Michael and I had been there last summer and enjoyed it.  We’d gone in the middle of the afternoon so it was pretty quiet.

Our anniversary dinner attendees

However, this time the combination of dinner hour, lots of graduation parties and Memorial Day weekend made the place really busy for a Thursday night.  Even with our 6:30 pm reservation we weren’t seated until almost 6:55 pm.  Michael and I ordered steaks (filet for Michael, ribeye for me) and we were both happy with them.  We both also had the cream of chicken soup, which was very good.  Zack ordered chicken fried steak and wasn’t very pleased…it was a very thick cut and the breaded wasn’t what he was used to.

HUGE servings o

The manager on duty went out of his way to make our dining experience special as we all got dessert on the house…which we took home to enjoy.  Zack wasn’t impressed with the place and says he wouldn’t go back.  Michael and I still enjoyed ourselves and would go back again.

Paityn LOVES art projects

Friday was Paityn’s last day of Kindergarten so we picked her and Cameron up from daycare about 12:30 and headed to the Treehouse Children’s Museum.   We spent FOUR hours at the museum.  Making craft projects, playing dress up, putting Papaw in jail, and spending lots of time relaxing in a Mongolian round tent.  They really enjoy themselves when we go there.

Cameron was NOT about to let Papaw out of jail.

On the way home we stopped at McDonald’s for some dinner.  When they were done with their meals they played in the Play Place for quite a while as there were 5 or 6 other kids there and they all played tag.

Back home we all got in our jammies and snuggled in to watch The Fox & the Hound II…it had been a long day and we were all pooped.  The kids hit the hay after the movie and Nana and Papaw weren’t too far behind.


Zack did some girls softball umping on Friday and Saturday, so on Saturday afternoon the rest of us headed over to the park to watch him do his thing.  We packed some snacks for the park and had fun watching Papa be an umpire.

The game ended up being shortened as one team scored 10 runs by the 3rd inning and the other team scored zilch.  We ended up being at the park for barely an hour.  Zack had a break at that point so we all went home so that he could relax for an hour or so before having to be back at the park for a couple more games.

At Bat: Ramon Flores

On Sunday, since we’re a family of baseball lovers… we took in a Salt Lake City Bees game.  The Bees are the AAA  minor league team for the Los Angeles Angels.  Zack had found us some half priced tickets and we ended up in row two just past 1st base…great seats!

Zack took the kids on a train ride (it runs beyond the outfield) and we watched the kids roll down the big hill too.  Paityn learned how to read the score board and had fun keeping track of the score. Unfortunately, the Bees lost to the Tacoma Rainiers 7-9.  It’s all good though…we had a good time and that’s what’s really important.

A family planting affair!

Monday, Memorial Day, Kelsea flew back into Salt Lake City and Zack picked her up.  When they got home they got to work getting their garden planted…and the whole family helped…even the dogs thought that they needed to supervise!

Sleepy Mikey

While they worked…Michael and I relaxed.  Michael took a nap and I sat on the deck reading my Kindle while enjoying the gorgeous weather.

Almost done!

For dinner Zack smoked some delicious ribs and grilled hasselback potatoes while Kelsea made ‘cooler’ corn on the cob.  Everything was excellent!

I lost 2 big chunks of hair….

We rounded out the day by sitting round the fire, roasting marshmallows and eating s’mores.  We were also treated to the antics of Zack and his itty bitty drone.  We laughed our heads off when he kept trying to land it on Michael’s head….however, it wasn’t a laughing matter when he got the thing stuck in my hair!  Punk.



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