Allergies, Roly Poly’s & Mary Lou Retton

Posted by on May 18, 2017

May 15 – 18

Monday was fairly quiet for us.  The UT Barnett’s had to go back to work/school and we hung out at home doing some computer work (blogging for self & Heartland, banking, going over documentation for our new position as Chapter Leaders, etc).

Tuesday was a pretty full day as Michael had a couple of appointments at the VA Hospital down in Salt Lake City.  We dropped Zack off at work so that we had a vehicle to get us to Michael’s appointments.  We had to stop at the lab for blood work first and then we headed to the clinic where his primary provider has her office.  We were a bit early for his 10:30 am appointment so we just settled in and read/surfed the internet until he was called.

Once called back for the appointment he was in the back for 55 minutes.  He really likes this provider as she’s very thorough.  He found out that all of the labs that she’d wanted had been done so he had to go back to have more blood drawn.

85 scratches…lets see how this turns out

He had a 12:00 pm appointment to have an allergy skin test done and we ended up being a little late getting there after having to go back to the lab.  The nurse that did the scratch test was super friendly and very informative.  Michael was tested for a total of 85 allergens (grasses, trees, weeds, molds, nuts, foods, etc) and ended up being allergic to ALL grasses, trees and weeds, most grains, some nuts and quite a few foods.  Oddly, he wasn’t allergic to any molds, fish or seafood.

He had a RAST test done about 20 years ago so we knew about many of the allergies but new to us was:  tomatoes, white potatoes, watermelon, celery, carrots, corn and oranges.  He’s not nearly as allergic to the foods as he is the trees, weeds and grasses…but they’ll still irritate him.  He’ll just have to eat those things in moderation or try to avoid if possible.

They worked so nicely together….until Mike threw a light and hit Zack in the eye with it!

That evening, after dinner, Michael and Zack worked on installing an air compressor on Zack’s truck.  Zack had already installed air bags (to help with towing of his Road Warrior toy hauler) but finally received the air compressor yesterday so it was time to complete the job.

While they worked, Kelsea and I relaxed on the front porch and watched Paityn and Cameron play in the front yard…finding food for the Roly Poly’s they’d found!  Ewww…

We got a little bit of snow here yesterday…thankfully nothing that stuck!  However, the mountains have a nice new layer of white stuff.  It’s beautiful from this vantage point…but it can stay up there.

Monkey on a rope!?!?

Thursday Papaw and Nana took Paityn (Cam joined us!) to her gymnastics class and were impressed by how well she does as a 6-year-old.  She can do a nearly perfect round-off…I couldn’t do one when I was 16! Perhaps we have the next Mary Lou Retton in our midst!

We were home early enough for the kids to watch ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’ while the adults played a game of Cribbage, which Kelsea walked all over the rest of us at!





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