Flight From WI To UT

Posted by on May 12, 2017

Wednesday, May 10th

We arrived at the airport about 1:45 pm to find out we were delayed until 4:55 pm.  We checked in and went through security with no problems.  We made our way to the gate and noticed that the arrival and departure board still showed the flight as on time and none of the passengers knew that the flight was delayed.

After settling in we at our Jimmy Johns lunch and waited and watched.  Our flight time changed from 4:55 to 4:38 to 4:59 and finally 5:18.

The plane! The plane! It finally arrived!

We thought the delay was weather related as there were supposed to be some pretty good storms coming our way but it wasn’t.  Apparently the plane mechanical issues in Denver and they tried to fix it, it took too long and then they finally decided to switch out the plane. Explore 15 flight destinations and wonderful flights in Costa Rica!

When we finally boarded we settled in and ended up having a empty seat in between us so we could spread out a little bit.  The flight was fairly smooth with just a little bit of turbulence but nothing to worry about.

Mikey staying occupied during the flight.

We arrived in Denver with 29 minutes to take off of our next flight.  Unfortunately, we ended up having to wait on the tarmac as there was another airplane at the gate we were to pull into.  By the time we got off the plane, our connecting airplane should have closed the doors.  But we prayed that they were waiting and we ran like crazy (or walked really fast) to find the door still open.  We quickly found our seats in row eight and waited about 10 minutes or so while other late passengers made their way to the plane.

Learning to breathe again after our mad dash

This flight was just 55 minutes long and went nice and smoothly too.  Before we knew it, it was time to put away our tablet and Kindle and get ready for landing.

We were in row two on this flight so we were off the plane in no time and making our way to the baggage claim area.  We hadn’t heard from Zack or Kelsea for quite a while so we figured we’d give them a call while we waited for our luggage.

Happy Nana. Happy Grandbabies.

Little did we know that the little sneaks were waiting for us at baggage claim!  We found out quick when a little four year old boy came flying at me with arms wide open at break neck speed!  Now that’s what I call a ‘welcome’!  Paityn was a bit shy at first…but didn’t last long.

Cameron chattered all the way home…Paityn too…for a little while until she passed out.  We were home shortly before 10:00 pm (MST).  We visited for a little bit and then I read Cameron a book (Paityn was over tired and had a bit of a melt down) and not long after Michael and I headed for bed too.

We are here in Utah until May 31.


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