A Quick Trip to Amish Country

Posted by on May 9, 2017

There goes our baby!Monday morning we were up at 5:00 am and over at the customer lounge just a few minutes after 6:00 am.  Doug & Mira and Bill & Zeta were already there chatting while waiting for someone to come and check them in.  

Darrell came in about 6:30 am and pulled Michael and Bill aside first as they wanted to get us checked in ASAP so that they could get our coaches moved into the bays and ready for Lippert to do their thing.

When we were checked in we waited for Eric and Dorothy and then we all drove over to Middlebury to have breakfast at Rise ‘n Roll.  Eric and Dorothy had a cinnamon roll and a pecan roll, respectively.  Michael had an Early Bird’s Favorite (Our Homemade Breakfast Muffin, made with Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, and Cheese.)  While I had a Chore Boy’s Joy with sausage gravy (A slice of Sausage Roll, swirled with Sausage, Bacon, Egg, and Cheese).   Everything was delicious…as usual and not one of us walked away hungry!

A normal sight at E&S

We parted ways after breakfast…Eric & Dorothy going back to Heartland while Michael and drove a couple of miles into Shipshewana to visit E&S Bulk Store.  Michael was on a mission to find Boston Baked Beans and French Burnt Peanuts…both of which he found.  We also found a couple of items that we picked up because they were either on sale or on close out and we weren’t sure they’d be there when we got back in 4 weeks or so.

Some of my favorite items from E&S!

As we strolled the aisles I took pictures of the things (sort of making a grocery list) that I know I’ll want to pick up when we’re back in the area…I can’t wait!  Since we have no food in the fridge or freezer I’ll be able to ‘fill ‘er up’!


Marie, John, Michael and myself

By the time we were done at E&S it was time for us to head back to Elkhart as we had a lunch date with my ‘blogging bosses’ from Heartland.  We met at the Chubby Trout and had a really nice visit.  We’d never met in person and have only communicated via email, Facebook or a conference call last October…so it was REALLY nice to get to know them in person.

Before we knew it was time for us to part as as they both had to get back to work and I had a 3:00 pm appointment to meet with Jim F. at Heartland to touch base on a follow up article I’ll be writing about the ‘new’ service center.  I met with him nearly two years ago when the new facility had just been opened and he was gracious enough to agree to meet with me again.
After finishing up with Jim, Michael and I immediately hit the road back to Wisconsin.  We left just about 4:00 pm and arrived at Dan and Amanda’s about 8:15 pm.   Just over a 5 hour drive with the time change. We had a blessedly smooth drive and even passed through the Chicago area around rush hour with no issues.  We’re pretty sure we finally found a decent route around that area!

6 Responses to A Quick Trip to Amish Country

  1. Kerry ,,Jackson

    What is your route that you speak of??

    • Kelly

      We took I90 east to I294 and that pretty much leads into I80 east. We took it again yesterday and it was busy…but no delays…we’ll be using it in the future as well.

  2. Dorothy v O

    You had a very long and busy day.
    So glad we were able to share time with you both, 😊❤️💕

  3. Page

    We went to E&S last year before we began our turn westward. That is one fantastic store!!!

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