Moving Day: Monona, WI To Elkhart, IN

Posted by on May 7, 2017

If I had my 2 other handsome guys my day would have been complete!

Since Alex spent the night with us last night, we met Dan and Ben at The Parkway Family Restaurant for breakfast and so that we could make the child exchange.  We met at 8:30 am to allow us plenty of time to enjoy breakfast and visit before we needed to get back to the campground and hitch up.  We had dinner at this same restaurant about a week ago and decided to try it for breakfast.  It wasn’t bad but I really enjoyed spending time with four of my most favorite guys ever.

Once back at the campground we hitched up the coach to the truck and made our way to the dump station.  We made quick work of it but still weren’t on the road until 10:45 am.  That was partly due to stopping to fuel up and another stop at Walmart to pick up some DEF for the truck on our way back to the campground.

About 20 minutes after setting out for today’s journey we saw a really nice Landmark 365 headed north on I39.  Shortly after the siting my phone notified me that I had a message.  It was from our Heartland friends, Kim and Dottie!  They were in the 365 headed toward Lake Delton!  So much fun seeing our extended family out on the road.

Our drive went pretty smooth.  I think we finally found a decent route around Chicago that doesn’t take us way out of the way and isn’t full of construction.

We drove about 265 miles today and with the three brief potty stops we made we still made the trip in just over five hours…not bad.

However, we did get hit pretty good with tolls – pretty close to $25.00.  However, unlike the majority of the time we pay these tolls and the roads are awful…today the roads were pretty darn good.

Side by side with Eric and Dorothy!

We arrived at Heartland about 4:00 pm (although it was 5:00 pm eastern) to find that our friends Eric and Dorothy were already nestled into their spot and a site was reserved for us right next to them.  Eric guided Michael as he backed into our site and then we got out to enjoy some hugs from Eric…and Dorothy who came out to greet us, as well.

After some chatting we finished getting settled in and then once we were settled in we went next door to chat for a short while before Michael and I headed into town to get some dinner.

My Cobb salad…delicious!

We ended up at Perkins as I was craving a salad and I knew I could get one there.  Michael ordered a turkey dinner which had to be remade as the first was barely lukewarm.  We both enjoyed our meals and then ordered pie to take home – cherry for Michael and banana for me.

Michael’s Turkey dinner

We got home shortly after 7:00 pm (8:00 est) and decided to go watch TV in bed…unfortunately the menu wouldn’t come up on the TV so we didn’t watch any TV after all…we just did some Facebook surfing on our phones and called it a night.

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