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Posted by on May 6, 2017

May 3 – May 6

So pretty

Wednesday dawned sunny and bright…finally!  Michael was finally able to get back outside and do some more work on caulking the coach.  He’d only been able to work on it one day and then the rain started and lasted for nearly a week!

We noticed some straw on the ground below our pin box and were pretty sure we knew what that meant as we’d had it happen once before in south Texas.  For some reason birds seem to enjoy making nests in the pin box…and this was the case.  Michael found a sweet little nest with 4 Robin’s eggs in it.  He gently removed it and found it a safe new location.

Unfortunately, several hours later we noticed that a creature of some sort must have gotten to the eggs as they were on the ground in pieces.  🙁

Amanda had a garage sale Thursday – Saturday which had gathered some items to sell as well.  Wednesday evening we went over and helped get everything set up and ready for business Friday morning.


Both Thursday and Friday mornings we were at Dan and Amanda’s shortly after 7:00 to help with the garage sale.   While I helped with the sale Michael went back to the coach and finished getting things packed up and moved into the storage unit.

There were 4 of us with items in the sale.  Business was really good on Thursday and while still decent on Friday tapered off.  It will be interesting to hear how things go on Saturday (today).

Ben spent the night with us Thursday night while Alex stayed with us Friday night.  Gotta get those last few nights with Nana and Papaw in!

Today we will be traveling to Elkhart, Indiana to drop the coach off for repairs.  We’ll be overnighting at Heartland until Monday morning when we’ll turn the coach over.  We have about 260 miles to travel today and are looking forward to meeting friends who will also be having work done on their coach.

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