Ben Time

Posted by on April 28, 2017

April 24 – 28

Papaw’s is blocking Zoe’s beautiful face!

Monday Amanda and the babies came by with Jimmy Johns for lunch and it was nice enough that we were able to enjoy lunch outside on the picnic table.  Michael was a happy boy as he’s been ‘Jonesing’ for Jimmy Johns since before we arrived in Wisconsin!

After lunch Amanda and I and the kids piled into the car and drove over to the Madison Arboreteum.  What a cool place.  The kids loved running from tree to tree, seeing all of the different blooms on the various trees and climbing those that they could reach.

The magnolia’s and crab apples were blooming but almost done…last week would have probably been the height.  The lilac’s were just starting to bloom and they smelled SO good!  We even came across a lone turkey (thank goodness I wasn’t wearing red!)…but as we got closer it turned and went in the opposite direction (thank goodness!).

Look, Nana, No hands!

We walked through quite a bit of the area…but there was even more that we didn’t see…guess that will be for another time.  We did see Birch trees, several different Maples, Japanese Willows and a bunch of others I can’t remember.  I could see that at different times of the year the whole area would look different with different trees blooming, leaves budding or changing color.

Master Caulker?

While the girls and the babies played Michael worked at home.  It was time to redo the caulking on the outside of the coach and he wanted to get a big jump on it before the predicted rain on Wednesday.  Caulking is something Michael pretty much on a yearly basis.  The sun and weather do a number on the caulk and he likes to make sure that everything has a good seal to prevent any moisture from getting into the coach.

He recently purchased a Milwaukee cordless caulk gun and he’s had quite the time getting used to it.  It doesn’t work the same as a regular old manual caulk gun, that’s for sure.  The learning curve is pretty big so it seems like he might be caulking until December sometime!  (Just a note…he had a bit of an explosion on one of the tubes because too much pressure built up…but wouldn’t allow me to take a picture so I’ll just ‘tell’ you about it instead! – Boy, am I lucky he loves me, eh??)

Good stuff, right there!

In honor of National Pigs in a Blanket Day , I utilized my air fryer and made some for dinner.   I was surprised at how well they turned out since I was kinda winging it and guessing at time and temp.  I’d make them again, for sure!  Click HERE for the recipe.

I recently joined a group on Facebook, Wisconsin RV Camping, and posted a picture of our site here at Lake Farm Campground and a young man commented that he was thinking of camping there for a few days.  We chatted back and forth a bit on the group page and made plans to chat at the campground if/when he arrived.

Jackson and Andrew came to visit!

Andrew stopped by Monday evening while we were sitting outside and we had a nice visit with he and his dog.  He’s 28 and really enjoys camping.  He has a A-line popup that he purchased last year and really enjoys camping in it as much as he can. This was the first time we’d actually met anyone we’d met online and it turned out to be a nice visit.

They played SO good together!

Tuesday we picked each of the boys up from school at the allotted times and then when we had them both in our grips we went to McDonald’s for lunch.  Of course, this was their request because it has a play area.

The both ate their entire meal and then went and played in the play area.  They both know the rules (have to eat the lunch first before they can play or open their happy meal toy).  They have good time running around, climbing through the equipment, peeking out at us and sliding down the slide.

The last time we were there with Alex his friend, Henry, was there and this time his classmate Olivia was there.  Both time the kids were there before us and left shortly after we got there…although it was still fun for Alex to see his friends.

Wednesday morning it rained for most of the morning…which was great because we had nowhere to go and we didn’t have to worry about opening and closing a gate.  We were able to sit inside and enjoy the sound of the rain on the roof.

What a mess!

We also started sorting through ‘stuff’.  Since we have to remove a good portion of the items in the coach for when it’s worked on we decided it was a really good time to purge.  On top of that…Amanda is having a garage sale the first weekend in May so it’s an opportunity to get a little ‘treasure for our trash’.  Then, of course, there’s always the ‘For Sale’ table at the Heartland rally.  We’ll be light as a ghost before we know it!

Thursday we celebrated our 6th anniversary as full-timer RVers!  It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long as we still LOVE our full-time lifestyle and wouldn’t change it for anything.  We recently contemplated purchasing a new coach but neither of us have found a floor plan that compares to what we have now.  Not that we want it to look like what we currently have but we want it to have the same ‘We Absolutely LOVE it’ factor as this did when we purchased it.  So for now we’ll stay with what we have, get necessary repairs done and love it as we have for the past six years.

Being such a big boy!

To help celebrate our six years, our 3-year-old grandson, Ben, came and spent the day and night with us.  We enjoy having the grandbabies with us and it is really nice when we can have them one at a time and get some extra special alone time with them.  Ben helped us pack and then helped us carry a bunch of garbage to the dumpster.  We had tacos for dinner and he had two helpings of taco meat and completely cleaned his plate.  We even watched a couple of his favorite shows (Mickey & Bubble Guppies).

Ben’s big brother, Alex, will come spend time with us over the weekend when he doesn’t have to go to school.


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