Moving Day: Lodi, WI To Monona, WI

Posted by on April 24, 2017

Sunday, April 23

A necessary evil

We didn’t have far to travel today…just 32 miles but we were up fairly early and pulling out of our site at 9:31 am.  We stopped at the dump station, which is smack dab in front of the office, and dumped the tanks before pulling out of Smokey Hollow Campground at 9:42 am.

We had a blessedly uneventful trip to Farm Lake Campground which is located in Monona, Wisconsin…a small suburb of Madison.  We arrived about 10:20 am and found that the park was nearly full but our site was vacant so we were able to pull right in!  Hooray!

We got set up in short time…Michael doing his outside chores and me rolling out the carpet inside.  We only have water and electric here so Michael didn’t have to mess with the sewer at all.   We’re here for 2 weeks so we’ll have to figure out what we’ll do about sewer…hitch up and pull the coach over to the dump station midway, buy a blue boy (not my first choice) or be really conservative and use the campground facilities as much as possible.  We’ll see…

Farm Lake Campground – Site 41. A very nice corner site.

By 11:30 am our chores were pretty much done and I had a snacky kind of lunch prepared for us to enjoy outside since it was so nice outside.

While we enjoyed our lunch, Michael tangled with the satellite as it did not want to cooperate…at all!  He fiddled with it for over an hour before we finally got any picture at all.  Once he got a picture (we only had one channel come in) he reset the receiver and the remainder of the channels came in perfectly!  Whew.
Mid-afternoon we headed into town (just a 2 mile drive!) and picked up a few items at Walmart and then headed over to Dan and Amanda’s (just a 20 minute drive!).  We spent the afternoon enjoying the beautiful weather outside, playing with the kids and visiting with Dan and Amanda.
We ate dinner together and played a game of Canasta before we called it a night and made the drive back to the campground, arriving about 9:00 pm.  I think we’ll really enjoy our stay here as the 20 minute drive is much nicer than the hour-long drive to Lodi.

2 Responses to Moving Day: Lodi, WI To Monona, WI

  1. donnarogers11

    When in Ohio state parks we have electric only. We fill the fresh water tank, use their facilities, do dishes once a day and it works!

  2. Kelly

    Yep…we’ve gotten pretty good at conserving as well. We’re right next to the shower house so that works out well.

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