Our Stay at Smokey Hollow Campground

Posted by on April 23, 2017

April 18-23

We moved back into our home on Tuesday.  We’d left the coach parked in front of Dan and Amanda’s home on Monday night, loaded it up and then all we had to do Tuesday morning was hop in the truck and hit the road.

Smokey Hollow Campground – Site 5

We moved to Smokey Hollow Campground in Lodi which is about 30ish miles north of Dan and Amanda’s.  However, the trip took about an hour as we drove through Verona, Madison and Lodi and then down several smaller roads before reaching our destination.

We knew that the office would most likely not be open and we’d have to do a self check in…which we did after we found a site and got set up.  We’d called and stopped in prior to coming so we had an idea as to where we could park.

We got settled into site 5, a pull through not far from the office.  We have no sewer and only 30 amp electric but we’re only here for 5 nights so it won’t be a problem.  Michael got the satellite set up and I worked on unpacking all the junk that we’d had at Dan and Amanda’s.

Internet and phone service are extremely limited so I will be creating this post in Word and then transferring to our blog when we get better service.

Everything you see is a seasonal camper and this is just a VERY small portion of the campground

We took a drive around the campground (it’s quite large) and found that nearly 90% of it is seasonal campers.  Right now there isn’t hardly anyone here so it’s fairly quiet but during the height of the season it’s gotta be crazy.  They have a man-made pond, several playgrounds, a bouncy thingie, several clubhouses, bike rentals, mineral panning…just to name a few of the activities.

The big bouncy thingie

They rent yurts, cabins, campers and a couple of park models.  The few actual overnight camping sites available are decent but only have 30 amp with no sewer.  Looking on the website it looks like there are quite a few of the park models and campers on the seasonal sites that are for sale.

With all that…I don’t think it’s a place we’d rush back to given the lack of internet.  And it would definitely not be our kind of place with all the hubbub that I’m sure goes on ‘in season’.

I asked Michael to take some pictures…all I got was of me falling!

The weather hasn’t been cooperating for us much…although these cold weather people around here think it’s plenty warm enough.  For us?  It’s been too chilly to do anything much outside and it doesn’t help that the sun hasn’t made much of an appearance either.

We’ve spent the last few days inside working on a couple of small chores but mostly test driving our new theater seat (I think I’m in love) while working on cleaning up our DVR.

I think we were both getting a bit stir crazy so when Michael mentioned that he needed to run into town to get something from the hardware store I jumped at the chance to go for a drive.

Dan and Amanda had fun too!

Michael had a case of the ‘Shakeys’ (you know…that thing that happens when your blood sugar seems to get a bit low and you need to find something to eat…fast) so we stopped at Cousins for a sub lunch.  It’d been quite a while since we’d had a sandwich from Cousins so it was quite tasty.

After picking up some white electrical tape from the hardware store we decided to take a short drive to Lake Wisconsin.  What a pretty drive!  We drove along the shoreline and out onto a small peninsula and admired the homes along the water…many were for sale and Michael even said he’d write a check for any one that I wanted…TODAY!

Fitz’s on the Lake

Friday night we went out for our first fish fry since being in Wisconsin.  The Wisconsin Barnett’s met us at Fitz’s on the Lake which is located on Lake Wisconsin and about six miles from the campground.

Yelp reviews were good so I had high hopes.   When we arrived shortly before our 6:00 pm reservation time (parties of 6 or more can make reservations on Friday night) the parking lot was packed and cars were overflowing onto the road.  A GOOD sign!  The inside was quite crowded but we were taken right to our table.

2PS and the Wisconsin Barnett’s

Our waitress was very friendly and helpful….another good sign!  Michael, Amanda and I all ordered the all you can eat Fish Fry ($13.99).  We had a choice of baked or deep-fried or half and half…we all went with half and half…never had that option before!  The fish is served with your choice of potato and cole slaw.  We were very happy with our meals…although Michael said he’d go with just deep-fried next time and I’d go with just baked.

Dan’s not a fish fan so he ordered a sirloin steak.  He wasn’t real pleased with its appearance when it arrived but was very happy with the flavor once he took a bite.  Yay!

All in all…a place we’d definitely go back to.

They woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!

Ben and Alex decided to spend the night with Nana and Papaw (Mom & Dad had packed extra clothes just in case!) so we sent Mom and Dad (and Zoe!) on their way shortly after we got back to the campground.  We got into our jammies and turned on the TV to settle in to watch some TV before we all hit the sack for the night.

Saturday morning we headed out for the almost hour drive back to Verona so that we could spend the day with Alex, Ben and Zoe while their mom and dad went to Milwaukee to attend a Milwaukee Bucks play off game.  We counted all the red cars and trucks along the way and got to 120 about Middleton and then stopped counting!  Whew!

We met Dan and Amanda at The Great Wall Chinese restaurant in Fitchburg about 6:30 pm.  Enjoyed some pretty good food and then went our separate ways.  We got home just about 9:00 pm, put things away and then headed for bed to watch a little TV and do some reading.



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