Mexican Food in Wisconsin? Yes!

Posted by on April 17, 2017

What a motley crew, eh?

In honor of ‘National Make Lunch Count Day‘ we had lunch with my sister, Vicki, and her husband, Jimi, in Plover.  (although we had NO idea it was a ‘day’!)  Vicki contacted me a while back and asked if we’d be able to meet half way in between (she lives in Rhinelander) for lunch and we decided on Golden Corral as that seemed like a place we could commandeer a table for a long time without bothering anyone.

Our lunch turned out to be 4 hours long!  And we could have talked for hours longer but decided we’d better get going since we each had a couple of hours to drive home and wanted to make a stop on the way home.  We traded hugs and I took an ‘Usie’ and we headed our separate ways.

We stopped at the Smokey Hollow Campground in Lodi on the way back home to check it out as we’ll be moving there next Tuesday and will stay five nights before we move to a campground closer to Dan and Amanda’s for the duration of our stay here in Wisconsin.

One sugar high coming up!

Amanda and I picked up some donuts from Hurts Donut in Middleton.  The place is similar to Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, Oregon but doesn’t seem to have quite the cult following as Voodoo does.  The donuts at both place are covered in out of the ordinary toppings – Reeses Pieces, bacon, cereal etc and are pretty tasty.  If you’re a donut lover (who isn’t??) give either place a try to thank me!  🙂

Alex squatting down to gather his very first egg.

Saturday morning the community that Dan and Amanda live in had an egg hunt for the kids in one of the parks and we all went to cheer the kids on.  The kids were divided by age and ended up in three different areas so it’s a good thing we were there as Michael and I went with Alex and cheered him on while Dan and Ben went to the 3-year-old area and Amanda and Zoe went to the under 2-year-old area.  The kids had a good time grabbing 10 eggs each and then turned them in for 4 ‘surprises’.

Before and after the egg hunt the kids enjoying playing on the playground equipment while their parents socialized with the other parents.  Kinda reminded me of something from TV where the women push the kids on the swings and chat while the men stand off a bit and chat among themselves.


On Saturday evening we met Amanda’s sister, Ashley, and her girlfriend, Angela, at Laredo’s for dinner…a Mexican place in Fitchburg that none of us had been to before.  We’re always a bit wary when trying Mexican (or BBQ) anywhere but Texas but I think we were all very surprised at how much we enjoyed our meals.  Everyone had plenty to eat and either went home with full tummy’s or ‘to go’ containers.  Definitely, a place we’d go back to!

That evening Michael and I stayed home with the grandbabies while the younger adults went out for the evening.  We didn’t have much to worry about with the babies as they went to bed before everyone went out and we just waited til they were asleep before we went to bed ourselves.

Our little ‘Belle’

Amanda and Dan hosted Easter lunch for 13 of us.  Amanda’s mom & Step dad along with her aunt and her family joined us for a very nice meal of ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, corn, glazed carrots, stuffing and a couple of different salads.

Alex & his Mama working on Easter Legos

We visited around the table for a while before people started going home and before long it was back to just Michael and I and the Wisconsin Barnett’s.  Dan watched the Buck’s game, Michael putzed out in the garage and Amanda and Alex worked on a Minecraft Lego set that he got for Easter.

A little later we played some cribbage and then all called it a day much earlier than normal.

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