Plans Are Made To Be Changed

Posted by on April 7, 2017

Safely ensconced in its home away from home

Since there is no space at Dan and Amanda’s house to park our coach, Amanda’s parents were gracious enough to allow us to park our home in their driveway.  The boys (Michael, Dan, Alex & Ben) took the coach over to their home the morning after we arrived and got it settled and plugged in to 110 (just for the fridge) while the girls (Amanda, Zoe and myself) went to the grocery store.

Monday was opening day for our Milwaukee Brewers so Dan, Amanda, Michael and I treked to Miller Park to watch the game.  The kids stayed home and their Nana JoJo and Papa Gordy came to spend the day with them.

A vast sea of Brewers fans!

It’s about an hour and a half drive from Dan and Amanda’s home to Miller Park and we arrived about an and a half early and it was amazing to see the see of pop up awnings throughout the parking lots.  It was a bit chilly and misty but people weren’t about to let that stop their tailgating experience.  Cold and rain don’t stop a true Brewers fan from celebrating Opening Day!

He had me take a picture with his camera too!

Unfortunately, our boys weren’t able to pull out a win but we had a good time nonetheless.  We ate yummy stadium food, got loud, saw ourselves on the BIG screen and witness a gentleman 2 rows behind me catch a foul ball to which he declared, ‘oh…that hurt!’.

Ashley and Angela

After the game we met Amanda’s sister Ashley and her partner, Angela, at the Bamboo House for dinner. Four of us had the small buffet and two ordered off the menu.  I had the buffet and while it only had a small variety of foods everything was nice and warm, fresh and tasty.  However, the best part of the meal was the conversation…I haven’t laughed so much in a long time!  The restaurant was quite small and thankfully wasn’t real busy because I think we would have run everyone off with our obnoxious laughter.

Blue-hair isn’t just for old ladies!

Wednesday morning Amanda had an appointment to have her hair done…in Darlington, about an hours drive.  The same person has been doing her hair for about 20 years so she’s got a little loyalty going on.  She got a little wild today and had some blue/teal put in the back on the underneath layers and it really looks pretty cool.  While her hair processed I was able to get my hair trimmed too!

Amanda’s grandparents graves

On the way home we stopped at several cemeteries as Amanda is working on filling in her family tree.  Unfortunately, it was raining (which turned into a wintery mix) and cold (about 35) so the grave hunting didn’t go well.  Amanda got out (Ben, Zoe & I stayed in the warmth of the car!) and looked a little at first but soon she was turning into a popsicle and we hunted from inside the car.

Thursday was a fairly busy day as I worked on our income taxes (yes, we have not yet sent them off!) and working on changing our plans for this summer (I’ll tell ya more about that in a bit).  Michael and did a couple of errands in the afternoon.

When we were in San Antonio last month and my doctor canceled two appointments he agreed to refill my meds as long as I had some blood work done at any LabCorp office.  Yesterday I went and had that taken care of as there is an office on the northeast side of Madison.

This was one we liked inside of one of the display coaches

While we were on that side of town we stopped at the Camping World just down the road to see if they had any theater seating in the store that we could test drive.  Our recliners were given to us a couple of years ago and are in pretty sad shape so we’d like to find something in a theater seat (basically a reclining love seat with a console in the middle) that we both like.  They didn’t have anything so our search continues.

We also met a gentleman in the local Home Depot parking lot that saw our ad on Craigslist for our old Samsung S5 cellphones and was interested in purchasing them for his kids.  We got $55 for each phone, which we were very happy with and he emailed me this morning to let us know how happy they were with them.  SCORE for everyone involved!

Glarner Stube

We topped the day off with dinner in New Glarus with Dan and Amanda.  The kids stayed home with their cousin, Carson as this was an adult only evening.  We’d planned to go to the New Glarus Hotel for the Swiss food but found out on the way there that they were closed.

My dish:  Geschnetzelets

We ended up across the street at Glarner Stube which also had a Swiss menu.  We each ordered something different and everyone ended up tasting all of the dishes.  I think we all decided me like Michael’s Schublig (a mildly spiced beef sausage) best.  Although I enjoyed my Geschnetzelets (veal cutlets in cream sauce) very much too.

Now for the change in our plans for the summer.

We’ve had an issue with the floor in front of our refrigerator for a while due to a water leak (us with a water leak, no way!?!) that was fixed quite a while ago.  However, the water must have gotten under the linoleum and softened the floor to the point that the floor has rotted and now needs to be replaced.

We contemplated trading the coach in for a new model but decided in the long run to just repair this one and worry about a new coach a few years from now.  Right now there just isn’t a model that we absolutely LOVE although we were leaning toward the Landmark 365 Madison.

So with the decision to get the necessary repairs done to our Landmark Key Largo we scheduled the work to be done at the factory in Elkhart, Indiana.  The earliest they could get us in was May 8 and we’re thinking they’ll probably have it for 10 days to 2 weeks.    We were due to begin workamping in Utah around the 1st of May so that kind of put a wrench in those plans.  We’ve contacted American Land and Leisure and cancelled our plans to work at Anderson Cove Campground this summer.

With that done we needed to make some decisions on where we were going to go and what we were going to do this summer.

The first thing we knew we needed to do was pin down some dates to fly out to Utah so that we could visit with Zack’s family. We’d promised to stay with the grandbabies for a long weekend while their Momma and Papa attend an Army Family Readiness leadership weekend in Oklahoma.  We’ll be in Utah from May 10 – 31.

Our second decision was to attend the Heartland Owners Club National Rally in Elkhart which will be just a few days after we pick up the coach from is spa appointment.  We’ll be in the Elkhart area from June 2 – 18.

Then it was figuring out what to do with the rest of summer.  We decided to just ‘chill’ mostly at various military FamCamps as we make our way, very slowly, back down to Texas to gate guard for the winter.

At this point will be at Wright-Patterson FamCamp (near Cincinnati) from June 18 – July 18, Scott Air Force Base FamCamp (east of St. Louis) from July 18 – August 1 and Camp Atterbury (just south of Indianapolis) from August 1 to September 1.  I still have more work to do planning for the month of September but that will come.



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  1. Donna Rogers

    Check out Lambright in Shipshawana while up that way. We plan to replace our theater seat set this summer. Also, you will be all around us this summer. First and last week of July in Cincinnati, second week of July Shipshawana, third week Grand Lake St Mary State Park in Celina Oh. We will be passing through Indiana the second week in August heading to Texas.

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