Moving Day: Ozark, MO To Lincoln, IL

Posted by on March 31, 2017

A bigger travel day for us…350ish miles but with plans to spend the night at Cracker Barrel we weren’t in any hurry to pull out of the Stage Stop RV Park this morning.

We had pretty leisurely morning.  Watched a couple of TV shows from the DVR, enjoyed another kolache for breakfast, packed a few more thing for our stay at DnA’s and surfed the internet.

Since we didn’t unhitch from the truck we didn’t have much to do in order to pull out of our site.  All that we needed to worry about was unhooking from power, water and sewer outside and inside was making the bed, stowing a couple of items and pulling in the slides.

What of America’s most famous Landmarks

We pulled out at 9:58 am and in less than 15 minutes we were hitting I-44 just outside of Springfield, Missouri.  Since it was later in the morning we missed any rush hour traffic, which was a blessing.

The first half of today’s trip was pretty uneventful with the biggest thrill being passing by the Gateway Arch.  But…when towing a fifth wheel…uneventful is a GOOD thing!

A working lunch…

We stopped for lunch at Kelly’s Kitchen about 28 miles into Illinois…pretty much once we got past the hubbub of St. Louis.  We had a very leisurely lunch (1 ¾ hours!), working from our laptops, snacking on cheese, sausage and crackers.  However, it was a bit chilly for our liking so Michael cranked up the generator and turned on the fireplace!  Ahhh…the comforts of home…from wherever we roam.

Thought this was a pretty cool pic…had to share

Back on the road, after our lunch stop, we had just 98 miles left to drive.  Traffic moved well and we didn’t have any delays.  We ended up stopping just before Springfield to fill up both tanks with diesel.  We paid $2.25 per gallon and filled up with 63.75 gallons…not too bad.  A little more expensive than down in Texas but not bad at all.  Certainly better than the near $4.00 per gallon (or more) we paid a few years ago.

We had planned to spend the night at a Cracker Barrel in Lincoln, Illinois but with all the leftovers from Lambert’s we decided to park at the nearby Walmart instead and have our Lambert’s leftovers for dinner.

Home for the night – Lincoln, IL

We arrived at Walmart just a few minutes after 6:00 pm.  We found a nice spot along a curb near the garden center and settled in for the night.  There was no one around us at all and no other campers in the parking lot.

We cranked up the generator, turned on the fireplace and furnace and got it nice and warm in the coach.  While the generator was running we took advantage and watched an episode of Gold Rush & Criminal Minds:  Beyond Borders and charged our laptops while doing a little surfing too.  Multitasking!

It’ll most likely be a fairly early night so that we can get an early start so we can get to those grandbabies (Alex, Ben and Zoe) and their mama & daddy who are waiting patiently for our arrival.



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