Moving Day: Hot Springs, AR To Ozark, MO

Posted by on March 30, 2017

They say it’s my birthday…and I’m not afraid to say that I am 51 years old today.  I’ve had a lot of birthday wishes wishing me a happy 49th, 29th or 21st…but I’m good with my 51 years.  I’m proud to say that I have been married to my best friend for nearly 32 years.  I’m proud to say that I have to wonderful grown sons who have taken wives that I would have chosen myself.  I am proud that I have FIVE beautiful grandbabies.  I wouldn’t have all of these blessings if I wasn’t 51.  I’ll take my 51 and run with it!

We started our day with kolaches (wow were they spicy!) for breakfast and while Michael did his outside move day chores I chilled…LOL.  Most of my chores were done yesterday so I didn’t have much to do this morning other than button things up.

We planned to hit the road at 9:00 am and then it changed to 10:00 am and were pulling out of the park driveway at 9:35 am…so…right on time!  LOL

Interesting bluffs along the roadway

We had very uneventful drive through some very pretty country.  The drive north on US 65 is gorgeous.  You can see the Ozark mountains, the green valleys, old worn down farms.  It’s just a very pretty drive and we both enjoy it.

We made one stop on the side of the highway so that we could use the house facilities since nothing else was very convenient.  Having your house with you at all times is really quite nice…anything you need (food, drink, bathroom, bed, clothes, etc) within reach.

Them there’s the Ozarks!

With one hour to our destination Michael decided that he was hungry and needed some lunch so he pulled into the McDonalds in Harrison (same place we ate last April when we were on our way to Branson – read about it HERE).  We stopped for about 40 minutes before we continued our journey north.

Settled into site 28 for the night. How’s that for convenient to Lambert’s?

We pulled into the Stage Stop RV Park about 3:20 pm after a 255 mile journey.  We checked in at the office and got to our site with no problems.  We stayed here, once before, in October 2015 (the 12th to be exact…our son Dan’s 27th birthday!) when we were traveling south from Wisconsin to Texas.  It’s not a fancy park but great for an overnight…especially since it is RIGHT behind Lambert’s Café.

We got some light rain just south of Branson and it continued all the way to Ozark and even after we were parked.  We got parked and leveled enough to put out the slides and plugged in the power and I told Michael not to worry about the water and sewer since it was cold and rainy.

Before doing any set up at all we went in the house and pulled out a couple of sweatshirts as it was COLD (48) outside…especially with the misty rain.  Then I turned on the heat pump in the bedroom and the fireplace in the living room.  Brrr…

The wayward sock has been FOUND!

A funny little side note…  Michael purchased some new socks a while back and one of the mates disappeared, nowhere to be found.  He kept asking me what I did with his sock and every time he couldn’t find something I told him it was with his blue sock.  Today, after we pulled out our sweatshirt and put them on that sock mysteriously showed up on the bed!  Musta gotten washed and dried and stuck to the inside of one of the sweatshirts.  Michael can now wear his black and blue socks again…he is a HAPPY camper!  LOL

Of course, since we were parked right behind Lambert’s Cafe and it’s my birthday…we had dinner at Lambert’s!  How could we not?  If you’ve not ever been to a Lambert’s (there are three locations – 2 in Missouri and 1 in Arkansas)…you need to add it to your bucket list.  There aren’t many places out there that throw your food at you, give you all the free ‘sides’ you want and actually have tasty food too! (a little known fact – your entree is actually all you can eat too!)

Crazy amount of food but SO good!

We both ordered the chicken fried steak…it’s our favorite.  We have plenty leftover for at least another meal.  We enjoyed plenty of the ‘pass arounds’…black-eyed peas, macaroni & maters, fried okra, fried taters and of course…some of those famous ‘Throwed Rolls’!

We seem to have a t shirt thing going on as we ended up stopping in the gift shop on our way home and picked up a couple.  Gotta show our Lambert’s pride…too bad they don’t have a ‘trifecta’ shirt…since we’ve been to all three.

Since it was my birthday and I had proof (my drivers license) I received $9.99 off of my meal, making my meal $4.99.  How awesome is that??  Happy Birthday to me!

We got home shortly before 8:00 pm and went ahead and got our things packed for our stay at Dan and Amanda’s.  We’ll be parking the coach at Amanda’s mom’s home and will stay at Dan and Amanda’s so we had to pack clothes and miscellaneous stuff.  Now we’re pretty much set.


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  1. Dorothy

    Kelly, so glad to read you had a nice birthday.
    Lamberts! Yummy treat! Best part will be your family. Enjoy! 💕

    • Kelly

      Thanks, Dorothy! It was an awesome day! Even got to video chat with a couple of my grandbabies!

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