Final Day in Hot Springs

Posted by on March 29, 2017

Our last day in the Hot Springs area.  We were up at 7:00 am so that we could get a few small chores done before we left the house for Glenwood.

Just before we planned to leave the house it started raining but being the brave souls that we are…we headed out anyway! It didn’t rain long at all so the drive was fine.

We stopped at the Dollar General Store to pick up something for Alice and ended up finding a couple of long sleeve t-shirts for ourselves.  Michael got an Arkansas shirt and I got a Lake Hamilton Wolves shirt…the high school I spent my senior year at…which is just down the road from the store.  They ended up being on sale (which we had no clue about) and ended up getting both shirts for less than $5.00 each.  Score!

From there we headed into Glenwood to the Hardware store with a can of paint from Alice’s house to have it shook up good so that she could do some touch up painting around the house.

Good pizza inside

We had an 11:00 am date with our good friend, Cherie.  Michael and Cherie’s parents have been friends for over 50 years so Michael and Cherie have known each other their entire lives and I have been blessed to have been pulled into that friendship.  In fact, Cherie was the person who threw us a ‘shower’ when we got married almost 32 years ago.

I do not like mushrooms…but I ate this whole piece of pizza to make my grown children proud! Can I get an ‘oh yeah!’??

We met at the Pizza Shack in Glenwood…one of our favorite lunch stops while here.  Michael worked at the Pizza Shack as a teenager and the food is just as good.  They have a lunch buffet with salad and pizza that is well worth the $6.50 or so that it costs.  The bill for the three of us, including drinks, was $20.99….can’t beat that!  Score, again!

We a really nice visit but all too soon it was time for us to leave to go pick up Alice and take her  into Hot Springs for a doctor’s appointment.  Alice’s appointment went really well and really quickly and we were out the door before we knew it.

Strangely enough all of today’s pictures are of food…what the heck?!?!

We happened to see a Donut Palace while we were in town and decided to make a quick stop to see if they had any kolaches….they did!  They make such a great easy, peasy breakfast, especially for travel days that we picked up a couple along with some donuts…of course…Michael can not go without donuts!  The lady was so sweet she even sent us home with a couple extra donuts.

After we got back to Alice’s from Hot Springs I made some Opa’s for dinner.  With the Opa’s we had potato salad, steamed veggies and baked beans.  It was just the three of us having dinner so it was nice and quiet and we were able to have good conversation.  It’s nice to have a lot of people around a table but sometimes it’s hard to carry on a conversation with a large group.

We visited for a little bit after dinner but then got our hugs before heading across the driveway to say goodbye to Eddie and Val.  While we were saying our goodbyes it started raining pretty good so we held out for a little bit until it slowed enough for us to not get completely drenched.

We made it home shortly before 8:00 pm and got things put away and stowed a few items in preparation of tomorrow’s move day.  We had originally planned on heading northeast to Poplar Bluff, Missouri tomorrow but after looking at the radar (which shows storms heading that way) we decided to head northwest toward Branson instead.  It sure is nice to be able to alter plans if and when needed.

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