Family, Camels & Zebras…Oh My!

Posted by on March 28, 2017

We were woke up about 2:15 am when a thunderstorm rolled through – wind whipping the coach about, thunder booming, rain pouring down.  Wow!  It was a pretty good storm but thankfully it didn’t last real long.  About 4 hours later it started raining again…but this time just rain, none of the other stuff that we got in the wee hours of the morning.

The slide ends are now dust free and sparkle!

It rained for several hours but finally stopped and we were able to accomplish a task we’d promised ourselves we’d do this morning.  Since the coach got a good washing at the Blue Beacon on Friday, Michael wanted to wash the slide ends since they were pulled in during the wash and didn’t get any attention.

Michael did the majority of the work but I took a brush to each slide loosen up any built on grime while Michael went behind me and hand scrubbed each slide.  When he was done I’d take a quick brush to them again and then give ’em a final rinse.  Teamwork!

After finishing up cleaning the slides we headed over to Alice’s.  On the way over we stopped at a local grocery store, Harp’s, to pick up a few odds and ends we needed for tonight’s dinner.

On our way to Alice’s Michael ended up taking a narrow dirt road with potholes all over the place because he missed the road we normally take.   The road was about 4 miles long and quite the adventure.  Thankfully it took us to a paved road that eventually took us to the highway but not before we got a little treat.

This guy was so excited to see us he paced back and forth

Not long after turning onto the paved road I saw something in the distance and said, “Those aren’t camels, are they”?  As we got closer we could see that, yes, they were camels.  We took a few minutes to turn down the road that they were on so that we could get a better look.  There ended up being at least 12 camels and 6 zebras and a bunch of goats…that we could see.

Most of the zebras didn’t venture too close

After getting to Alice’s we found out that the owner goes to Alice and Ronnie’s church and that they’re were more animals that we didn’t see – llamas, ostriches, giraffes, etc.  Maybe we’ll be lucky and see others another time.

Back at Alice’s we arrived to find that Michael’s youngest brother, John and his son Sam were there but they had to get into town to pick up his wife from work so we didn’t get to visit for long.  Then Allicia (niece) and her friend Kim came in.  Not long after Kim left Michael’s oldest brother, Eddie and his wife, Val who stopped by to visit for a while.  Soon after Eddie and Val left…Ron and his wife Linda arrived.  It was definitely a flurry of active.

Michael explaining something to Eddie & Val

Alice had four sons:  Eddie, Ronnie, Michael and John and I know she enjoys having them all together as much as possible which doesn’t happen very often but when two or three of them are spending time with her she’s one happy Mama.  I feel the same way…when I can have both of our boys with me at the same time it seems that everything is right with the world…until they start arguing that is.  LOL

I made chicken fajitas, Mexican rice and refried beans for dinner for the 5 of us (Ron and Linda joined us) which was a fairly easy meal with not much hassle and they turned out pretty good.  It’s always nice to get everyone around a table to enjoy a meal and conversation.

We visited for a while after dinner but finally called it a day about 9:00 pm with Ron & Linda leaving just a few minutes before we did.  We have a minimum of a 45 minute drive back home so we didn’t get home until nearly 10:00 pm and after putting things away didn’t crawl into bed until after 10:00 pm.  We had a day of sight-seeing planned for Tuesday so we wanted to get in as much sleep as possible before heading back to Glenwood to pick up Alice for our adventure.

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  1. Judy Winkle

    If you go shopping in Murfreesboro go to Ace of Diamonds. My sister in law Jane Terrell owns it and my niece Christy works there.

    • Kelly

      I have NEVER been to Murfreesboro but need to get there! I will keep Ace of Diamonds in my arsenal of places to visit! Thanks, Judy!

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