Moving Day: San Antonio, TX To Sulphur Springs, TX

Posted by on March 24, 2017

Buttoned up and ready to roll…

I was up at 6:00 am so that I had some quiet ‘me’ time before Michael got up at 6:30 am.  With most of our chores done yesterday all we had to worry about this morning was making the bed, unhooking the power, bringing up the stabilizer jacks and bringing in the slides before we headed off for Michael’s 8:30 am doctor’s appointment.

We picked up a couple of breakfast sandwiches from Whataburger on the way and arrived at the VA clinic about 8:00 am.  We ate our breakfast in the truck and then went inside to check in for the appointment.  We only had a short wait before we were called back to an exam room.

The doctor went over Michael’s lab results and listened to his heart and lungs and then recommended that he make an appointment with the pulmonology and allergy clinics when we get to Salt Lake City.  We’ll be calling next week to set up an appointment for the end of April/beginning of May when we first arrive in Utah.

We made it back to the Ft. Sam FamCamp at 9:45 am.  We used the bathroom, hitched up the coach, checked the lights and did a pull test and were heading out of the park at 10:00 am.  Not bad.

Fill ‘er up!

Just 30 miles into our drive we stopped at Buc-ees in New Braunfels to fill up the fuel tanks.  With diesel at 2.13 per gallon you just gotta.  Plus, we picked up some Beaver Nuggets for some friends, a package for ourselves and some of their yummy fresh beef jerky.  It was a quick stop so it wasn’t long before we were back on I-35 heading north.

What’s behind door number 37??

Even though it was a quick stop I took a moment while in the rest room to tame my curiosity.  The women’s room has door upon door going into individual stalls and I had to count how many in all.  Are you ready??  There are 40 individuals stalls in the ladies room at the Buc-ee’s in New Braunfels, Texas!  That’s a lot of potties!

As bad as it got…no thunder, no lightening…just some rain.

The sky had been pretty dark from the time we came out of the doctor’s office until we got to the north side of Austin.  We got a short sprinkle shower just north of Austin and then we hit blue skies.  Those blue skies didn’t stick around long.  Just before reaching Jarrell the sky turned dark and then the rain began.  It continued to rain until just before we got to Waco…a good hour or so.

We stopped at Kelly’s Kitchen about 25 miles north of Waco.  Today’s special?  A snacking platter of different cheeses, meats, crackers, fruit and nuts.  We rested, ate and surfed for nearly an hour and a half before getting back on the road.

The famous Texas Blue Bonnets

I’ve never been up close and personal with a big patch of Texas Blue Bonnets and they’re all over in this area…lining I-35 and there was also a big patch just outside Kelly’s Kitchen so I took a walk over to snap a few pictures.  So pretty!

We made another stop not real far down the road at the Blue Beacon on the southeast side of Dallas to get the oilfield dust and dirt removed from the truck and coach.  We had planned to on our way to San Antonio but the line was so long we decided to wait.

Waiting, waiting, waiting…

Today’s line was fairly long too, but it was two lanes and moved pretty quickly.  We had about five trucks ahead of us and the line actually moved pretty quickly.  We waited about 40 minutes before it was our turn to get washed.  We had them wash & Rain-X both the truck and coach and the total charge was $59.00…not bad, not bad at all.

Getting back on the road once the coach & truck had their bath it was about 5:20 pm and there was an accident down the freeway from where we were but we stayed on the service road until we exited onto I-45 where traffic was moving well.  We followed I-45 to I-20 and then headed east.

Site 2 – Walmart, Sulphur Springs, TX

We had intended to spend the night at the Pilot Travel Center in Sulphur Springs but the Inn was full so we opted to grab some sandwiches from the Arby’s there and then head to the Walmart just three miles down the road.

We nestled ourselves into a spot next to a semi on the side of the store by the garden center and settled in for the night.  We got settled about 8:00 pm, ate our dinner and then hit the hay.  Tomorrow we have just 200ish miles to travel.



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