New Window, New Friends, Newly Spiffed Up Toes

Posted by on March 23, 2017

I was up a few minutes before 7:00 am and got to enjoy a peaceful morning of surfing the internet and blog writing before Michael got up about 9:30 am.

Mighty fine breakfast

I made some Eggy Opa’s for breakfast.  That’s what we call ’em…scrambled eggs, diced up jalapeno & cheese Opa’s topped with some shredded cheese in a flour tortilla.  Good stuff!

While I was making breakfast Michael started working on removing the hall window that was broke back in December when it got hit by a flying stone.  We’ve had the replacement window for quite some time but decided to wait until we got to Ft. Sam to replace it.

Out with the old…

After breakfast we got down to business and made quick work of the replacement job.   It took us a total of about an hour from start to finish and was actually pretty easy.  Remove all of the screws, lift out the window, apply a gasket to the new window, insert replacement window into opening and screw in place.

…in with the new!

This is actually the second window we’ve replaced on the coach.  The first one was one of the long slender windows that flank the coach in the living room.  That was back in May of 2014.  We were here at Ft. Sam again and Zack was here to help that time. Click HERE to read about it.

We finally got over to the office to pay for our stay here at the park.  Baker, the campground manager, took care of us, stamped our book and saved us $20 by accepting our camping coupon for a free nights stay.

While we were at the office I donated some games and a couple of music CDs to the lending library.  Last time we were here I picked up a couple of jigsaw puzzles.  Didn’t find anything I wanted/need this time.

Looking forward to getting back to The Pearl…very cool place

We met fellow Heartland Owners, Dan & Lisa, (also a fellow Heartland blogger) for ‘lupper’ at Southerleigh, which is located in The Pearl.  The Pearl is a shopping and dining district with lots of variety.   The Pearl is built on and around the old Pearl Brewery which was established in 1883.  After a couple of different transactions/acquisitions over the years, Pearl beer is still around and currently produced by Miller in their  Ft. Worth facility.  Click HERE for a little history of the Pearl.

I asked our server to take a picture….LOL…this is what I found on my camera

Southerleigh was recommended to us by a couple that we met while we were dining at Rebecca’s at the Lodge  in Cloudcroft, New Mexico.  You can read about that dining experience HERE.  So glad we took them up on their recommendation as we really enjoyed the restaurant’s atmosphere and the food.  We’d also like to go back to The Pearl and spend more time as it’s a very interesting area.

A great way to spend an afternoon…with new friends.

This was our first meeting with Dan & Lisa and we had a good time swapping RVing stories.  We also share a history with the military as Dan and Lisa both served with the Coast Guard, with Dan retiring from service a few years ago.  We really enjoyed our visit with both of them and will look forward to seeing them down the road.

We had a 5:00 pm appointment for pedicures at The Spa at Ft. Sam so we cut over visit short…it probably could have gone on quite a bit longer.  We only recently realized that this facility was on post and decided to check it out.  Being on post and right next to the PX and commissary it’s quite handy.

This was the first time, in a long time, that I had an English speaking pedicurist…which was nice…except for the fact that she spoke TOO much.  She was very friendly but talked non-stop to me and to Michael.  She was a youngish woman whose husbands military career was mirroring Michael’s (Army Reserves, Active Duty, AGR) so it was interesting to talk with her…but just a little less chatter would have been great.  Oh well….you can’t have it all.  LOL

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