Kong and Cancellations

Posted by on March 23, 2017

I was up about 7:00 am again and enjoyed welcoming the day in quietly and slowly…no bells to invade my quiet time.  Michael followed about an hour and a half later.  Sure does feel good to sleep and not have to worry about getting up to an alarm clock!

Movie Time!

We didn’t have much to do today so we chose to take in a movie since it had been a while since we’d been to the theater.  Michael chose Kong:  Skull Island and we headed over to the Alamo Drafthouse about 11:30 for the 12:30 showing.

Ready for the movie to start!

We liked the movie but it didn’t do anything special for either of us.  The story line is a little bit different from the traditional King Kong movies but still the same overall idea.  Island.  Big Monkey.  People come to island.  People and Monkey meet.  So on and so on.

I had originally had a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday afternoon but got a call on Monday rescheduling the appointment for Thursday afternoon so after the movie we planned to head south to the Metropolitan clinic where my doctor’s office is located.  However, while at the theater I got a call cancelling the appointment as the doctor had an emergency.

Not a big deal really as it was just an appointment to do my blood work and refill my prescriptions.  They wanted to reschedule but since I won’t be back in San Antonio until November they will put an order in with Labcorp to have my blood work done and the results will be sent to them.  Labcorp is all over and there is one in Madison so I’ll get it taken care of while we’re visiting Dan and Amanda (and the grandbabies!) in Wisconsin in a few weeks.

On our way home we stopped at Walmart to pick up some DEF as the truck was telling us it was craving some.  Michael added it to the tank when we got back home.

I made pulled pork sandwiches for dinner, using the pulled pork I’d frozen from last week’s pulled pork baked potatoes and accompanied it with the rest of the potato salad I’d made earlier this week to go with hot dogs.  A nice, easy dinner with not much hassle involved.

Since we’re pulling up stakes tomorrow we got the majority of our ‘move day’ chores out of the way this evening.  Michael has a doctor’s appointment at 8:30 am tomorrow (Friday) morning on the northwest side of the city.  Check out time is noon and we’re pretty sure that we’ll be back by then but to be on the safe side we got the OK for a late check out.  We’ll have the coach all buttoned up and ready to hook up to make our departure easier.


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