Moving Day: Dilley, TX To San Antonio, TX

Posted by on March 20, 2017

How cool is that??

I forgot to mention the awesome ‘Welcome’ sign that Dora gifted us with when she came by for one last visit yesterday.  It’s hand painted by Dora, herself!  She mentioned putting it outside but I don’t know that I want it to get dirty and/or wet…might just have to find a place for it in the house!

I got up at 3:00, an hour earlier than normal, so that Michael could get an extra hour of sleep since his sleep was cut short due to us leaving at 10:00 am.

Move day chores were minimal since we’d tried to get everything done yesterday.  Outside we just needed to unhook from the power and hitch up the truck.  Inside we just needed to make the bed, put away a few last minute items and pull in the slides.

Taken outside…it was FOGGY!

Fog rolled in right around 7:00 am but, thankfully, it cleared up well before it was time for us to pull out and we had a beautiful blue-skied drive to San Antonio.  Traffic moved freely with no back ups whatsoever.

We normally stop at the Blue Beacon on the southeast side of San Antonio to rid the truck and coach of all the oilfield dust and today was no different.  However, we were both very hungry so we got some breakfast/brunch at the Iron Skillet at the same location before making our way to the back of the parking lot where the truck wash is located.

We were stunned to see 10 or more trucks in line for a wash.  It didn’t take us much time to decide we’d bypass the wash today and stop somewhere on our way to Arkansas at the end of the week.  Back on the road after breakfast and finding the truck stop too full we only had just 9 miles left for today’s journey!

Beautiful site. Lets just hope that the trains aren’t crazy loud since we’re so close.

We arrived about 1:00 pm and got checked in and were assigned to site 49.  There are basically 4 different sections here at the FamCamp and with today’s assignment we have now stayed in every area!  This site is pretty close to the train tracks that run along the back of the park so we’ll see if they bother us or not…they haven’t in any of the other sites we’ve stayed in.

The FamCamp has recently started participating in the Air Force’s Frequent Campers program (which we joined last year when we were Colorado) and we wanted to use one of our coupons for a free nights stay but the woman who is the normal person checking people in is off on the weekends and the volunteer wasn’t 100% sure what needed to be done so we’ll need to go back tomorrow or the following day and get things taken care of.

I don’t know why….but Michael really has trouble getting the satellite tuned in here.  Only here…nowhere else.  Just here.  It’s really quite strange.  So we were prepared for a couple of hour struggle (not kidding!) but the struggle didn’t happen!  He got it tuned in on the very first try.  Amazing!

After getting everything set up we just sat and vegged.  It felt so good to just relax with no bells or trucks to disturb us.  We have worked the last 109 straight…no breaks, no days off.  This is the first time we’ve worked that long with no break whatsoever. Usually, a gate ends and we go back to the yard for a day or two before getting a new gate.  We’ve never left in the middle of a gate either…we’ve always seen a job to the end so that felt a little strange.


Today is the 32nd anniversary of our very first date.  That date wasn’t much to speak of…riding up and down Central Avenue in Hot Springs, Arkansas, eating french fries and drinking rum and coke…that pretty much sums it up.  In honor of that very first date and finishing up this springs gate guarding gig we decided to have a nice dinner out.

We chose the Magic Time Machine restaurant in San Antonio.  We’ve driven by it many times and it looked quite interesting plus a gate guarding couple we know speaks highly of the place.


The building is quite eclectic looking both outside…and inside.  However, the inside is much more intriguing with each table kind of in it’s own little nook and each area has it’s own theme, in a way.  We were seated in a Mexican setting, which was kind of boring.  We would prefer to have been placed at the Christmas table, a thatched hut, the attic or even the sweethearts table.  In the center of it all is a red roadster that was made into a ‘salad car’.

Nacho made sure to help Michael with his mashed potatoes

The staff are dressed up as various characters…Thor came to our table to see how we were doing, Rapunzel was at the hostess station and Nacho (a character from the 2006 movie Nacho Libre…we had to look it up!) was our server.  There are many other characters but these are those that we saw and recognized.  Certainly a fun place for kids…but we adults had a good time too.

The salad car is a pretty cool way to display the soup and salad.

We bother ordered surf and turf.  Michael got the filet with a lobster tail and I had prime rib and lobster, both of which are served with mashed potatoes and trip to the salad car.  We both ordered one of their ‘bubbling potions’…how could you not!?! I had the blue while Michael went with the red potion.  Just a fruity soda with food coloring and dry ice….fun nonetheless.  We were happy with our meals and left with full tummies.

Filet & lobster tail…..yummm

We were home right around 7:00 pm and in bed by 7:20.  We read for a short while but were both so tired it didn’t take long before the light was turned off and we were out cold.  Out cold until 10:00 am this morning when the phone rang!  I got up at that point but Michael went back to bed…who knows when he’ll come up for air.


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