Hitch Itch Has Set In…Badly

Posted by on March 17, 2017

I’m hoping this isn’t too soon to say….but…believe it or not…we have not seen hide nor hair of any mice the whole time we’ve been in the oil patch this go ’round.  While we were at the Yarborough ranch we were in a pasture but the area we were in was free of grass…maybe that helped?  Here at the Shiner ranch we’re parked in a well manicured area (although it the grass is really started to grow now and could use a good mowing) so maybe that helped?  I don’t know but I hope that now that I’ve said something we don’t get inundated with the little critters.

Before the frac moved in the frac coordinator was here and during our conversation he told us we’d have 96 sand truck every 24 hours as they were going to be doing nearly 100 stages.  So far, to date, we have had roughly 630 sand trucks (yes…we keep track!  LOL) bring in loads and I don’t think they’re quite half way done.

It’s getting harder and harder to get up in the mornings , I feel my spirit lacking.  These last few days seem to be endless.  I don’t remember being this ready to be done in previous years.  But I’m sure I was.  Even Michael is started to get restless as he’s been counting the hours until we leave.  LOL

A ‘sweet’ gift!

Our day Sand Coordinator brought me a cinnamon roll from Cinnabon Tuesday morning.  Which I thought was very thoughtful…maybe it was because I sympathized with him about getting a speeding ticket the morning before?!?!

The actual frac crew is made up of a bunch of young guys (early to mid 20s) and they normally come in in a van.  One of the drivers of the day crew van is Jeff Fountain.  

The first time I met Jeff he was driving one of the big frac trucks while they were moving all the equipment in.  He said his name was “Jeff Fountain like a fountain pen”…to which I replied, “or a water fountain.”  Then I said, “…unless you’re from Milwaukee, Wisconsin then it’s a bubbler.”  Of course, he got a kick out of that.  So then I told him I’d always be able to remember his name by calling him Jeff Bubbler….and I haven’t forgotten it yet.  

One morning he came in and I had trouble seeing him due to the glare of the light set and said, “You’re not bubbler”. …and he said “Yes.  I’m bubbler!’  I got ’em trained good!  LOL

Shawn called Tuesday morning to confirm that he had a replacement gate guard set up to be here Sunday morning at 10:00 am. However, he started the conversation out with, “Sorry, I have to veto your request to leave.”  Nice to know that he’s got someone lined up to replace us and also good to know he still loves us!

As the day gets closer and closer for us to pull up stakes and leave the oil patch we’re both in ‘get ready mode’.  I’ve been working on de-dusting the house, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming, defrosting the freezer, cleaning mirrors and TV screens, laundry etc.  And of course, Michael is doing his part too…he gave the shower a good cleaning, cleaned out the bed of the truck and then took it to the car wash for a bath, repacked the basement to make it travel worthy and replaced the spare time under the truck.

Had a workover rig come in Wednesday morning, which is really no biggie as it was just the rig and 3 pick up trucks.  They went to work on one of the wells for an oil company other than the one that we’re here for.  They made fairly quick work of it as they were done and moved out well before noon on Thursday.

Grading the road and wrangling up the dust!

Paco and Francisco (father and son team) worked on grading the lease road.  I guess it’s gotten pretty bad in some spots. Although here by us it was still in pretty good shape.  And now that they’ve done the grading and stirred up the dirt…the dust is crazy when the trucks come down the road on their way out…leaving BIG plumes of dust in their wake…and if the wind is blowing in our direction…ugh!

We planned on enjoying a pizza from Mabely’s Bakery one more time before we left but it doesn’t look like it’s going to work out.  On Tuesday, Michael drove into to pick up a pizza and do a few errands but Mabely’s was closed.  No sign on the door, no explanation, no nothing.  Strange.  We decided to try again on Thursday but called first.  No answer, no message and the voice mail box is full.  Still strange.

I made some Monster Cookies on Thursday.  They’re a good travel snack and I wanted to package some up for the ranch hands who have been so nice to us over the 9 weeks that we’ve been here.

Michael finally took the plunge and changed our Verizon account over to the new ‘unlimited’ plan.  It looks like it should be cheaper than what 40G plan we had…but we’ll see once that bills start coming.

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3 Responses to Hitch Itch Has Set In…Badly

  1. Theresa

    Hi there! I’m really enjoying your blog and getting lots of information on gate guarding. My hubby and I are going to start this Fall and are trying to figure out the best company to work for. Can I ask a question? I see your pic of your clipboard. Are you having to write down your log or do you have an option for a tablet? I have friends at another company that uses iPads. We are leaning towards working with your company but want to make the right choice for us. Thanks for all the great info you are posting! Looking forward to hearing more from you! Have a blessed day!

    • Kelly

      Hi Theresa! I’m so sorry for the delay in responding…for some reason I’m not getting notified of comments.

      Yes, the job we were on only required a paper log. We’ve used a tablet before but I actually think I prepare the paper log as the tablet can be so fickle…hard to see in the sunlight, not getting a signal, etc. We’ve actually started using a notebook to record the drivers info and then transfer it to our log once back in the coach. It works for us.

      Good luck to you. We’ll be back to work mid-October.

      • Theresa

        Thank you for your response and great feedback! We plan to start in September. Looking forward to it! Thanks again for all the information you’ve given on your blog. It sure helps! Take care and hope to run into you out there!

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