That Was a Quick Trip!

Posted by on February 25, 2017

First thing Friday morning we got a call from Shawn letting us know that there was a big possibility that we’d be moving back to the Shiner Ranch.  It seems that Lew, the Ranch Manager at the Shiner Ranch, had taken a ‘shine’ to us and was not happy that we left.  He pretty much demanded that we come back and since our oil company will be drilling quite a few wells on that property they thought it best to keep him happy.

Certainly won’t miss tracking all that lovely red dirt into the house!

For us…it wasn’t a real big deal other than the fact that we really like our rig crew and were sad to part ways.  There are a lot of pluses at being at the Shiner Ranch – a LOT less dust, real water and electric, close to town.

And those dust clouds weren’t even bad!

We were barely back at Yarborough 24 hours and the red dirt and dust were already becoming a pain in the hiney!  One of our water guys watered the road twice for us since the dust was so bad.

So we packed up and waited for a relief guard to arrive so that we could leave.  A young man arrived about 10:30 am and took over logging traffic so that we could finish getting ready to pull out…which we did just about 11:00 am.

Rosa’s – little shack of a place on the outside

Michael had a hankering for a burger from Rosa’s so we stopped and had lunch before continuing on.  We arrived back at the Shiner Ranch just about 1:00 pm and parked almost exactly where we’d been parked the day before.  Our relief was waiting for us and once we were parked he handed over the log sheets (sheets we’d given to our relief the day before!) and was on his way.

Delicious burgers on the inside!

Funny thing:  Just as we were leaving the Yarborough Ranch, the Ranch Manager pulled in and said, “Welcome Home!”.  When we explained to him that we were leaving and why he was not pleased to find out we weren’t staying.  So much love!

Fried Chicken…it’s what’s for dinner!

Our sweetheart of a sales person, Kelli, dropped off dinner (Church’s Chicken and the trimmings) shortly after Michael asked me what we were gonna have for dinner.  Ha!  Musta been our ‘Kelly/Kelli’ ESP thingie going on.  She kept apologizing for having to move back but we assured her it wasn’t a big deal and that we were totally fine being here.

Here we are again!

Lew came by and welcomed us back.  Told us we should have some ‘quiet’ days between the rig leaving and the frac starting.  He also asked us to leave our contact information with him when we leave so that we could always come back here.  Another oil company is always drilling on another part of the ranch and we could always work there.  We are feeling the LOVE!

We are settled in and prepared to ride out the Rig Move and move into a Frac…haven’t done one for two years, which was our longest frac ever – 36 days, from February 2nd to March 10 of 2015.  If we survived THAT…we can survive anything.

22 Days til we hit the road!


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