Finishing Up at One Gate…Moving on to the Next

Posted by on February 24, 2017

We had a wonderfully quiet weekend!  Almost no ranch traffic to speak off since they were in San Antonio to buy/sell horses and rig traffic was nice and quiet like it normally is on a weekend.

Michael got a few small projects out-of-the-way – checked the anode rod on the water heater…still in good shape, put a few things in the basement and also started trying to repack the basement so that he’s ready to move at the end of the week.

Dora and her husband Ed came by Sunday morning and we had a great visit!  Lots of laughter and sharing of gate guarding stories.  We’d not met Ed in person before…just via Facebook…so it was an added bonus to actually get to talk to him in ‘real life’!  Unfortunately, before we knew it it was time for them to head on out as they were heading to a park for the day.

The sky opened up about 9:30 pm Sunday night and it poured, and thundered and the wind blew…and it continued for what seemed like forever, but wasn’t…but it did rain most of the night and poor Mikey had 5 casing trucks and the cuttings truck coming and going.  Rain is not a gate guards best friend.  However, on the bright side, the dust had been getting pretty bad and the amount of rain we got should take care of that for a while!

Delicious Pizza!

Michael picked up a pizza from Mabely’s Monday afternoon.  The pizza’s are large enough that we had our fill for dinner and leftovers for several lunches to boot.  Our last Mabely’s pizza for this season.  🙁

With our move back to the old location coming up I took advantage of being much closer to Pearsall and did my grocery shopping on Wednesday and did enough to last us 10 days or so that we’d only have to worry about going into town for groceries once more before we leave the oil patch.

Never really had to wait in line before!

Of course, with grocery day came picking up dinner and bringing it home.  This time we went with ribs and brisket from Cowpokes.  I’d never been there at lunch time and they had a pretty good crowd. We paired our BBQ with southern green beans and a sweet potato (It was National Sweet Potato Day!) for a yummy meal.

After lunch Michael went into Dilley to run a few errands:  Mail a package, wash our filthy, filthy truck and filled the truck up with fuel.

Leaving the Shiner Ranch

Thursday was moving day for us.  We ended up moving earlier in the day than originally planned as the frac/water company man needed a day gate guard for the gate too so it turned out perfect that we were moving back.

We started the morning off with a delicious breakfast croissant that I had picked up from the Donut Palace when I went into town on Wednesday.  Just a minute in the microwave to warm them up…can’t beat it!

Ben our service tech arrived at about 7:30 am and planned to watch the gate until our relief got there.  We were on the road at 7:42.  The 40ish mile journey was uneventful and we arrived back at the Yarborough Ranch 59 minutes after at 8:41 am.

Bah Humbug

Unfortunately, as we pulled in and got out of the truck, the young guy that was watching the guy until we arrived let us know that we had a flat tire on the coach.  Sure enough…you could still hear the squealing of the air as it made its way out of the tire.  It seems we must have hit a rock just right coming down the road and it punctured the tire.

Always thankful for my handy man.

Michael got the tire changed while I logged traffic and nearly an hour after we arrived we were finally able to move into our parking spot.  We got unhitched and then just sat in the shade of the coach for a bit while logging traffic and resting as much as possible.  It was HOT and traffic was coming fast and furious for a while.

This is when we knew we were in for a busy day!

As we drove down Johnson Ranch Road we could see a frac site in the distance.  It was one of the day gates that Michel worked about a month ago.  As we turned onto Vesper Road (our road) we were met by a bunch of gravel trucks coming our way.  Ugh…and of course, they were coming from our gate!  I found out from first gravel truck driver I signed out that they were bringing 175 loads of gravel!  Yikes!

Shawn came by to drop off some extra hose for the bell and check to make sure we were settling in.  We were sitting in the shade taking a break when he arrived…still hadn’t moved the truck out of the way after unhitching and hadn’t leveled the house.  We got a chance to chat a bit and then he was on his way…he’s so very busy it’s crazy.

Gary, Joe & Michael getting the trailer moved

Afterward Michael went to hook up to the generator to get some ac going in the house and found that the generator trailer was too far away for the cord to reach!  Dang it.  And…of course…we don’t have a ball hitch.  Thankfully, our two Solids Control guys came by to check out the new digs and they hooked up to the trailer and pulled it forward enough so that we could plug into the generator.

It was really starting to heat up outside by the time we got the generator running and the power hooked up so that the air conditioning could start cooling the inside of the house off.  It was 95 by 1:30 pm.

We’ll miss the Shiner Ranch – power, water, grass….but not the closeness to the highway or the long trek to the rig…9 miles.

We thought we were gonna have it fairly quiet here until Saturday when the biggest majority of the rig move should happen.  Ha! We have a workover rig on one of the pads.  A frac that just finished down the road that is bringing in their equipment and storing it on an empty pad for a few days.  The waterline crew from the frac that is working at taking down all of the water hoses.

However, things did slow down considerably by mid-afternoon and we were able to cool off inside the coach.  Our last truck left at 8:00 pm (it had broken down and needed a repair person to come into help them out) and our first vehicle didn’t come in until 6:27 am.

23 Days until we hit the road!!



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