Buenos Dias!

Posted by on February 17, 2017

Welcome to my early morning world…

Michael’s day gate finally ended on Wednesday after 20 days….20 long days.  We started out fresh and strong but by the end we were both pretty pooped and really looking forward to the gate ending so that we could get some time together and some relaxation time…not to mention a little more sleep.

We got that extra sleep Thursday night when we didn’t have any traffic AT ALL between 10:45 pm and 6:15 am.  Wow did THAT feel good!  They finished drilling the 4th well about 6:00 pm Thursday night so we didn’t have the cuttings truck come in and the casing crew wasn’t due in until 9:00 am Friday morning…AWESOME!

Michael and Dora during Dora’s last visit.

I had another visit from our friend, Dora, last Sunday and this time Michael got to visit for a while too since he was done at his gate about 2:15 pm that day.  We chatted for several hours…about everything under the sun it seems…taxes, RVing, gate guarding, our kids and grandkids.  We seem to have a LOT in common…hoping that soon we’ll be able to meet her husband, Ed, in person, as well.

One of our Directional Drillers surprised us by dropping of some banana bread he’d picked up from HEB…so very sweet.  He’s not been with us real long so it was quite unexpected but very much appreciated.

We got a little rain early Monday morning but it didn’t last long at all.  The wind picked up Monday afternoon and stuck around into Tuesday.  However, we got quite a bit of rain early Tuesday morning but it cleared up by about 7:00 am…but the wind hung around most of the day making opening and closing our door and the gate a bit harder than normal.  The wind was strong enough to blow over a couple of signs and I just left them down until the wind died down…no sense fighting to keep them up.

With Michael finally home I finally was able to make a trip into Pearsall on Thursday to pick up groceries.  I’d run out of several things (pickles, cheese, bread, biscuits, bacon, fruit) and was running quite low on others (milk, eggs, snacks, lunch meat, fresh veggies) so a trip into town was warranted.  Thankfully, the gate wasn’t too busy and Michael still had time to relax some.

Tasty meal rejuvenated by my new air fryer.

While I was in town one of our vendors dropped off a chicken fried chicken dinner.  When I got home  I used my brand new air fryer to reheat the fries, chicken & Texas toast and it did a great job!  Crisped up the chicken and the toast very nicely.  To go with that I also air fryed some shrimp and fish and they turned out really good too.  I have a lot of learning to do with this new gadget but so far I really like it.  The ability to ‘fry’ and not have to use any oil is a huge plus, in my book.

Check out this crazy MOP!

Friday Michael did his share of errands – hardware store for screws he couldn’t find, a MUCH needed haircut as he was REALLY looking shabby, the Dilley Drugstore to pick up a couple of packages and finally a stop at Rosa’s Hamburger Stand in Dilley to pick up 2 of their yummy bacon cheeseburgers.  We’re trying to fit in a visit to a couple of our favorite eateries before we leave this gate.

We are projected to move back to the Yarborough Ranch around the 23rd of February.  That’s the gate we were at before we moved here in early January.  I think we’ll be moving the day before the rig move so that we’ll be in place before the majority of the traffic starts coming in.  They’ll have to have someone back fill us here until all of the rig and its miscellaneous pieces are moved out.  Then I understand they’ll frac the 5 wells here sometime in the middle of March.

Whoa! My husband was under all that hair!

We feel very blessed to be wanted/needed.  We currently have 4 guys ‘fighting’ over us and telling us we can’t leave this summer. Randy our Company Man here….says we can’t go on summer vacation this year cuz he plans to ‘drag’ us around with him, Shawn our boss for GGS says he’s gonna steal our truck so we can’t leave, Junior the Company Man where Michael worked his day gate kept asking if we were going to go work one of his gates full-time and now the ranch manager here told Michael he’s gonna call the head of the company to keep us here.

Zoom…right past those power lines!

One afternoon this past week I enjoyed watching a crop duster makes several passes over the ranch right next door.  It’s amazing to watch as they’re quite the daredevils…narrowly missing the power lines that border the area they were spraying and swooping down low to dust the crops and then right back up again, circling around to do it all over again.  It was quite entertaining.

Gliding close to the ground to dust the crops

I recently realized that when I open the gate for someone who is leaving I have two waves. Once I open the gate I wave as if to say, ‘go ahead, come on through’ and then when they reach where I am standing we both wave as if to say ‘good bye, so long, see ya, adios’.  LOL  Just a little tidbit of useless knowledge.

Another little tidbit…most of the time I recognize our regulars by their license plate…and then their face.  So when they change vehicles or even places within the vehicle…I’m lost.  If they normally come in in a big truck and then all of a sudden they appear in a pick up truck…I’m blown out of the water and either have no clue who they are or it takes me a while.   Or if they normally sit in the passenger seat or the driver’s side in the back seat and move to the drivers seat…yikes!  Either way they get a big laugh out of throwing me for a loop.

Tamales! Muy bien!

As I was writing this post the owner of the construction company that is doing some work on one of the ranch camp cabins here came in and asked if we like tamales.  I said ‘yes’ and he handed me a hot package of freshly made pork tamales!  Oh my!  Can you say, ‘Yum’?  He said he got some for himself and then thought of us and got two packages.  I’m tellin’ ya…we are SO blessed to meet the people that we meet here in the oil patch.

I am continuing to learn a little more Spanish.  “Como Estas?”  “Muy bien.”  “Hasta luego.”  Several of my crews and ranch hands speak only a little English so we practice on each other.  I sure do get a big smile from them when I greet them with a big ‘Buenos Diaz’ first thing in the morning!

I took German in junior high and high school so this whole Spanish thing is new to me…often when someone speak Spanish to me my first thought is to respond in German…but that sure would confuse them, wouldn’t it!?!

Oh how I love my Milwaukee Brewers!  Our oldest son, Zack, signed up for a chance to purchase tickets for opening day, which is April 3rd.  He won! (and he did last year too!) Since he’s in Utah he was a nice big brother and gave his chances to his little brother, Dan.   Dan asked us if we wanted to join he and his wife…although we weren’t scheduled to arrive at his house until April 4th…but we were able to shuffle things around and we are now scheduled to arrive in Wisconsin on April 1st and will be attending my very first Brewers season opener!  I’m so excited!

29 Days until we hit the road!



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