It’s All in the Name

Posted by on February 11, 2017

The rig crew completed drilling on the 2nd well on Sunday the 5th and then casing, cement, etc was completed on Tuesday.   I’m told that they started drilling again (3rd well) early Wednesday morning.  At this rate they should finish all 5 wells somewhere around the 23rd or so at which time we’ll be moving back to the gate we were at before we came here…so approximately 2 more weeks here…with real running water and power from power pole.  We’ve been quite spoiled here but kinda looking forward to a more peaceful existence as it can get pretty busy here with all the ranch traffic and 4 or 5 different oil companies doing work here.

‘Pit’ being dug at Michael’s gate

Believe it or not Michael is STILL working his day gate.  He has worked the last 14 days out of 17 days and looks like it will take hi into the middle of this coming week when they will need to have a 24 hour guard in place as they will start drilling.  It’s pretty easy work as most days he only has a hand-full of vehicles come in.  However, on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week he had 200+ loads of gravel come in….THAT helped his days go a bit faster!

It’s funny because the same company that is building the pad at Michael’s site has been building a frac pond over here so the owner of the company goes back and forth between Michael and I almost daily.  We’ve been working with him on and off for over a year and have built a good relationship with him and his employees.

What an interesting visitor to our gate!

I had a ‘first’ early Wednesday morning when a truck pulling a trailer with a helicopter on it came in.  I’ve had lots of trailers with cows, horses and even dogs come in…but a helicopter is a bit different.  I thought maybe they were gonna use it to herd cattle (which is fairly common) but they’re actually using it to count deer and coyotes!  Interesting, no?

They have a fairly large coyote problem on this 80,000 acre ranch and have even hired a coyote trapper to try and reduce the coyote population as much as possible.  I haven’t heard how it’s going…but would be interested to find out.  Guess I’ll have to ask the next time I see the trapper.

I was born Kelly Jean Evans.  Nearly 32 years ago I became Kelly Jean Barnett.  Here in the oil patch I have many names: Honey, Darling, Sugar, Doll, Sweetheart, Girl, Babe, Baby, Chica, Mama, Sweetie and Dear are just a few….my name changes hourly. Does it bother me?  Nope.  Why would a term of endearment bother me.  I’d rather be called ‘Doll’ than ‘Hey You’ any day.

We have come nearly full circle.  When I started writing this post they had just started drilling the 3rd well.  They have no finished and will be running casing and pouring cement today and tomorrow.

36 Days until we hit the road!



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