Turkey Trot??

Posted by on February 7, 2017

There he is in all of his puffed up glory!

When I opened the gate for one of my regulars Friday morning there was a wild turkey waiting to come in too!  How cute!  I moved aside and expected him to just waddle on down the road.  But that’s not what happened.  He came right for me and cornered me in between the two gates.  The 2 guys in the truck hoped out and came to my rescue, shooing the bird away.  But once he saw me again he chased me around the their truck until I was sitting inside the driver’s side of the truck!

That darned bird just wouldn’t go away…he hung out around our coach all day.  Even after being chased around by several ranch hands, the ranch manager and the security patrol guy.  He and the security patrol guy had a little tussle with the patrol guy giving him a couple of good kicks and at another point the turkey even chased the patrol truck down the road and kept up with him!

Almost out the gate…

The Company man tried ‘herding’ him out the gate but when I peeked my head out and he saw me he made a beeline for me and chased me right into the house, where he stood in front of the dining window staring at me!

Tapped inside the house…by a flippin’ turkey!

I was very wary each and every time I had to go outside and made sure I knew where he was at all times.  I even left the gate open a good portion of the day so I didn’t have to go out if I knew who was coming in or going out…plus if he decided to leave the gate was open and he’d have NO problem getting out.

Ranch manager trying to get the bird to leave…

About sundown the turkey was wandering around by the fence, along the highway, and then 10 or 15 minutes later when Michael came home he was nowhere to be found.  Michael walked around looking for him but he wasn’t to be found. Finally…he’s gone!

Saturday morning when I opened the gate for someone going out I noticed that that CRAZY bird was across the highway behind the fence for that property.  He was pacing back and forth along the fence…frantically and the guy I was logging out commented that he looked like he was looking for a way to get back over here!  That’s all I needed.

There he is…pacing like a lunatic!

I watched the bird from inside our coach for over half and hour…pace back and forth…back and forth.  Then one of the rig crew came back from town and as we were talking about how nutty the turkey was we watched as he flew up and over the fence across the highway, over the highway, over the fence to our property and land right behind our coach….I coulda swore he was coming straight for me and I think Josh was prepared to jump out of his truck and defend my honor!  However, by that time I was already on the other side of his truck hiding!

Standing guard?

The turkey continued to lurk about, being the subject of many conversations and focus of lots of pictures.  He seems much calmer today than he was yesterday…even taking a nap on the berm behind the coach.  He disappeared for several hours during the afternoon but reappeared mid afternoon…just in time for Michael to finally see him.

Michael’s turn to try to shoo the darned bugger away

Michael tried shooing him away but the bird is determined to stick around and only leave when he’s good and ready.  Which he did about 6:30 pm or so.  I happened to see something fly past the living room window and sure enough…he’d flown over the fence and was walking down the middle of the highway….and that’s the last we saw of him.

Michael didn’t work Sunday which was awesome (and was done early on Saturday) as it gave us time to get a few chores done, get some extra rest and spend some time together.

Tacos and enchiladas!

Michael went into Pearsall and brought home dinner from Jalisco as one of the guys had said they had good food.  It was ok…nothing special, in our opinion.  We’ve had trouble find really good Mexican food over in this area though so we take what we can get.

After dinner we sat down to enjoy a couple of episodes of Game of Thrones and munch on popcorn…per Michael’s request.  A nice quiet ‘date night’ while working in the oil patch.  Ahhh…ok..so their were a few ‘ding, dings’ but it was still nice!



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