Mysterious Honker Revealed!

Posted by on February 3, 2017

Michael’s newest Digs

Michael is still working the same day gate he started on Thursday 1/26.  He didn’t have to work on Sunday and took off on Thursday so that I could go to the grocery store, he could do a few errands and we could get a little extra sleep in.

He starts at 7:00 am and works anywhere from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm.  He has very little traffic.  When he first started they were building a gate just a little bit away from the original gate and have since finished that gate so that is where he’s working now.  And now he pretty much just has 1 or 2 vehicles come in as there is just one person working there and he is pushing dirt around to build a pad where a rig will be coming in to start drilling soon.

I had a wonderful visit from a fellow gate guard, Dora, on Saturday.  She and her husband work out of a shack not far from us and when her shift ended on Saturday she came by so that we could do some visiting.  It was so nice to have ‘company’!

One of MANY cattle trailers that passed me by

There was a stock show in Pearsall last weekend so a lot of the ranch hands were busy with that so traffic from them wasn’t too bad.  Come Monday…that all changed!  The ranch manager told me early in the morning that they’d be moving a lot of cattle back to this ranch so I could just open the gate and leave it open all day.  Am I glad he said that!  I ended up counting 79 vehicles pass through the gate…just from ranch hands moving cattle and horses back and forth!

Most of the ranch hands don’t speak very good English so I’m learning a itty bitty bit of Spanish.  When they speak to me in Spanish I have a hard time not responding in German!  Buenos Diaz, Mucho frio, finito, poquito…those are my favorites at this point!  LOL

Early Wednesday morning we got a call from Shawn asking if Michael could check out our other gate guards (7.5 miles down the lease road) generator as it had stopped working.  Anything we could do to help…so I got dressed and Michael headed out to see what he could do.  Michael was gone about an hour and a half (takes 1/2 an hour to get there!) but was able to get the genny running once he added some oil.  We got about an hour more sleep after he came back and then he was off to work his day gate.

The old dryer is out and now in comes the new

Last week our dryer stopped tumbling…it still heated but wouldn’t turn.  Michael called GO RV right away and he worked with our extended warranty program.  They would only pay to have it repaired but we decided to pay the difference and have an entirely new unit installed.  It’s the same model as the old one just newer.

Wednesday morning Kenny and Brandon brought the new dryer and installed it after they removed the old one.   They’re so good to us.  They’ve been to 3 of our gates, the yard when we were parked there waiting for a gate and to Ft. Sam while we were staying there.  Just can’t say enough about George (owner) and his crew.

Most mornings I have someone drive by on highway 85 and honk as they go by.  It’s still dark at that time and I had NO idea who it was….until a couple of morning ago.  Turns out it has been, Joe, one of the guys that we’ve been working with for over a year now.  He’s an older man who is a heavy equipment operator.  He was working here until a few weeks ago when he got sent to build a new pad for another rig that our oil company is bringing up here in the next couple of weeks.  Now when I wave to my mysterious honker, I know who it is!

Deliciousness….pure deliciousness

Since Michael didn’t work his day gate on Thursday we decided to get a pizza from a place in Dilley that has really good reviews.  Mabelys Bakery is a Mexican bakery that also makes pizzas…and it was really really good!  And super affordable at just twelve something for a big old pie.  Michael has already said we’ll be going back…and since we probably only have roughly 4 weeks left here at this gate before we move BACK to the previous gate…it won’t be too long before we enjoy some more yummy pizza!

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