Fix the Plug and the Dryer Breaks Down!

Posted by on January 26, 2017

They’re drilling a total of 5 wells here.  First they drilled what they call ‘surface holes’ which I kinda like starter holes for each well.  They finished the last of the 5 surface holes (drilled, ran casing down the hole & cemented) on Thursday.  Now they’ll have to rig down, skid the rid over to the 1st surface hole, rig up and then they’ll be able to start drilling the actual well.  I would think they’ll start drilling again sometime this weekend.

I ran into town on Monday to pick up some groceries…the weekly pilgrimage.  It’s nice to get out but sometimes it’s just a pain.  I placed an order online at the China Buffet and it was ready to pick up at the time I’d designated.  It’s not the best Chinese but when it’s your only option…it’s pretty darn good.

The innards of the old plug…

While I was out on my pilgrimage Michael took the time to replace the plug-in on the power cord to the coach.  When we had electrical issues last week he found that one of the prongs was loose so he ordered a replacement.  It took about an hour to complete the small project and while he was doing it one of the screws broke off of the new end.  He contacted the company and they’ll sending him a new piece to replace the defective one.

…the innards of the new plug

The valve and sprayer for our Dometic 320 toilet have been leaking so Michael contacted Dometic for replacement parts.  Since the toilet is under warranty all Michael had to do was provide them with the serial number, model number and our mailing address so they could send out new parts.  We were surprised that they didn’t ask for purchase information.

We have a new set of gate guards at our second gate.  I guess the old ones were requested on another gate so they left on Tuesday and were replaced later in the day by another couple.  They’re probably in their late 60s/early 70s and they seem MUCH more friendly than the last couple.  It would be nice to ‘swap’ time…one of them comes here while we take a couple of hours to go out for dinner or something and then one of us goes there while they do the same.  Cross your fingers!

Michael had a couple of follow-up appointments at the VA in San Antonio on Tuesday.  It’s about a 75 mile trip but all on good roads and much closer than any other gate we’ve been working.

His appointments went well and he now has appointments in November and December for follow ups.  They did order him a new ‘mask’ for his CPAP…one that’s a little smaller than what he has now.  It wasn’t in stock when he went to pick it up so they will be sending it to him.

While he was in San Antonio he also stopped at the DAV office which is just down the street from where he had is appointments.  He’d filled for a percentage increase now that he was issued a CPAP…back in November and we hadn’t heard anything really.

Checking with the DAV office over the phone he was told that they had no record of him in their system.  Hmm?  Come to find out the VA periodically purges ‘old’ forms and they must have purged his ‘old’ Power of Attorney giving the DAV the right to work on his behalf.  He signed a new Power of Attorney and we should now be back in business.

Drying the clothes while our dryer is on the fritz

Doing some laundry on Wednesday Michael found that the dryer wasn’t working properly.  It would heat up but it wasn’t tumbling.  Oh oh!

He contacted George at Go RV right away and George is contacting our extended warranty provider to get authorization to repair or replace the dryer.  In the meantime, we’re putting the damp clothes in the dryer and manually tumbling them every now and again until they’re a bit drier and then we’re hanging them up or laying them out to let them finish drawing.

Michael is, once again, working a day gate today (Thursday).  He’s in the same area that he’s been working most of his day gates.  It’s nice since he’s familiar with most of the guys that come and go so I’m sure that that helps the day go by a little bit faster.  It sounds like they may only need him today so we’ll see.

My latest post for the Heartland RVs website is a product review for the GlowStep Revolution steps we’ve been asked to product test.  We’re very happy with them to this point and would highly recommend them if you’re tired of feeling like you’re on a diving board when you use your RV steps.   You can read my review by clicking HERE.







4 Responses to Fix the Plug and the Dryer Breaks Down!

  1. John Krussow

    Sounds like the issues we’ve had this past week. Replaced our toilet last week because flapper broke. You can see my blog for the smelly details but I know your pain.

  2. Robert

    I was just about to plug in to shore power, the first step to setting up camp and I noticed that my plug was missing a ground prong. Which meant two things: 1. I needed to go to CW and get a replacement and install it and 2. I left the ground prong in the outlet at the campground we left that morning; which means the guy who pulls in won’t be able to plug in. Oh, gee….

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