I Am Woman….Here Me Roar!

Posted by on January 23, 2017

We’ve had a few things come up recently that needed some maintenance.  The first on that list was the handle on the screen door.  It cracked after repeated use and was in danger of just breaking right off…especially if we had to fight any sort of wind when trying to open the door.

The crack is at the very left side toward the top

Michael purchased a new handle on Amazon.  Click HERE to see the model he ordered.  He tells me that this is the second one that he’s replaced although I don’t seem to remember the first time…but that doesn’t say much as my memory is failing fast.

Removing the old handle and installing the new was as easy as removing 2 screws, lifting off the handle, putting the new handle in place and then screwing in 2 screws.  Voila!  Done!   If only ALL projects were that easy!

Horses! So near and yet so far….

Finally!  Some animals to view!  I noticed 6 horses across the highway today.  Too far away to talk to but still pretty to look at.  Some of the ranch hands have been doing some work with horses here the last few days so they’ve trailered 2 to 4 saddled horses in each morning and then out again in the late afternoon.  Being the good ‘neighbor’ that I am I tell them ‘Good Morning’ every morning as they go by…they seem to appreciate it.  🙂

We have, once again, been over run by Japanese Lady Beetles.  Not nearly as bad as last year when we were in Wisconsin visiting Dan and Amanda but enough to be annoying.  Michael finally had enough and pulled out his shop vac and sucked up what he could…but they continue to come out of the ‘woodwork’ so we will have to be diligent for the next few days.

We have now been at this new location for 10 days and now that the rig move is over and things have calmed down we’ve settled into a nice routine and so has the traffic.  We’ve been averaging about 73 vehicles a day…total.  However, we have a lot of ranch traffic which ends up being anywhere from 24 to 40 vehicles…but we don’t have to log those at all.

Night traffic is almost non-existent.  There are the exceptions, of course, like when they run casing but for the most part we don’t see any traffic after 10:00/10:30 pm until 6:30/7:00 am.

Each gate is the same but different

With traffic the way it is, it makes it much easier for Michael to work a 12 hour gate elsewhere…like he is right now.  He got a call about 7:30 am Saturday asking him to work a gate over near our last location for the same oil company, Texas American, that we are with here.  With his ‘go’ bag already in the truck I just made him a quick lunch and he was on the road by 8:00 am and then back home about 6:30 pm.  He was needed back by 7:00 am Sunday but that’s all that we know at this point.  He should know by the end of the day if he needs to go back on Monday.

One pretty cool thing here at this ranch is the amount of deer hunting that goes on.  (we had hunters at the old gate too)  Since we’ve been here we’ve had Wounded Warriors come in to hunt and on Saturday we had 3 kids (10-12 years) come in for a hunt.  Plus there’s just the plain old regular hunters….one left with 10 deer in the back of his pick up!

If you look in the distance and see that ‘blur’ that’s the dust kicking up…it did that ALL day!

The wind really picked up Saturday evening, blew hard all night and continued to whip into Sunday evening.  The temperature was actually pretty mild (70s) but with the wind blowing so hard it felt much cooler.  Wind is the only ‘dislike’ I would say I have about living in an RV.  If the wind really picks up we just pull in whatever slide seems to be being affected the most.  We’ve even pulled in both of the big slides in the middle of the night.

Check THAT out!

At one point in the middle of all that wind I had a vehicle ‘honk’…and there he was sitting at the gate waiting to come in…but no bell had gone off.  I could see that the hose that stretches across the drive was in several pieces so after logging him in I went to check it out.   I found that where the 2 pieces of hose were spliced together had shredded and come apart.  What to do?  I couldn’t go without a bell all day and Michael was at his gate.  Hmmm…well I found out where the electrical tape was and grabbed it and stuck the two hoses together as best as I could with as badly shredded as they were and I wound some tape around them to secure ’em and hoped for the best.  I was rewarded with a ‘ding ding’ the next time a vehicle came in.  Go me!  I am woman…here me ROAR!  Michael will need to fix it correctly but I was happy that it was working.






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